Fat Loss Factor Review

What You Need To Know

If you want a dietary program based on whole foods and long term weight reduction, the 12-week Fat Loss Factor Program is one to have a look at. By prioritising foods that are natural to the body, you’re set to enhance your blood sugar levels, reduce your risk of disease, and shift the weight from your body quickly and safely.

When you embark on the Fat Loss Factor program, you have a choice of two options. Users can progress to a two week cleansing phase, in which they flush out toxins that have accumulated in the body by restricting themselves to foods such as organic fruit, nuts, seeds, vegetables and olive oil. Or they can take the more intense route where, for three days, they take on a ‘Master Cleanse’ fast, to remove any toxic build-up in their system, before moving through to the two-week stage described previously.

When the initial two-week portion is complete, they’ll begin a 10-week phase which allows them to introduce more foods back into their diet – but only if they are low on the glycemic index or offer a lean source of protein.

If the user still hasn’t arrived at their target weight upon completion of this stage, they’re supposed to take the full dietary cycle once more, beginning with the cleansing phase.


  • Rapid weight loss will be seen right from the outset
  • The program utilizes a large quantity of fruit and veg – providing solid nutrition
  • The participant avoids processed foods, which will help maintain a more stable blood sugar levels
  • The program encourages goal-setting throughout – so the user recognizes and enjoys their success
  • Lifestyle concerns (for example stress) than can hinder weight reduction are addressed
  • An exercise section that incorporates both strength and interval training – two proven means of burning excess calories


  • The first section of the diet offers very little protein – so muscle mass may drop quickly
  • The constant need to purchase organic foods could become expensive
  • No precise meal plan is given – so the user will have to build their own


To sum up: If you’re after a diet plan that is relatively sound and will improve your eating habits over a long and sustainable period, Fat Loss Factor is a program which will really help. You may wish to think about introducing a bit more protein into the initial phase, if muscle tissue loss is a worry for you – as the diet will provide little, if any at all, during that first period.

The program also gives license for one cheat meal a week, which is a welcome benefit – those afflicted by food cravings as they progress through a weight loss diet will really appreciate it.

Since the program does promote the benefits of long-term lifestyle changes, and addresses the area of stress management, it’s worthwhile and relatively easy to stay with it over a sustained period.

Where To Buy:

The Fat Loss Factor program is only available to buy online from the official www.FatLossFactor.com website.