Tony Ferguson Review

The Tony Ferguson diet is geared towards a reduced daily carbohydrate intake – achieved by swapping two of your daily meals with protein-rich soups or shakes, purchased directly from Tony Ferguson. UK residents can take up the Tony Ferguson programme through Boots, the chemists; when you sign up you also get full membership access, including a comprehensive guide to the course, a 24-hour hotline to a Tony Ferguson expert, and log-in details for the website which contains various recipes and message boards. The diet claims to be rooted in proven scientific research.

How does the Tony Ferguson program work?

The diet works towards cutting daily calorie intake by restricting users to low-glycemic calories, and replacing certain meals with high-protein, Tony Ferguson-prepared solutions.

The plan allows users to save two delicious shakes or soups each day, with a third protein-based meal. You’re also permitted vegetables which are low on the glycemic index (GI), as well as plenty of fruit and as much table jelly as you like – so you never feel deprived and don’t experience major hunger pangs. The shakes and soups are apportioned in sachets, to which users are instructed to add water. The soups can be found in tomato, chicken, and vegetable flavours, and contain a good blend of carbohydrates, protein, a small amount of fat, fibre and essential vitamins and minerals. Shakes and jellies can be found in fruit flavours, with desserts in chocolate and caramel. Several Munch bars are also permissible as healthy snacks.

Users only have to fork out £15 to join this plan, but you then must also purchase the special products which include a number of soups, shakes, jellies, desserts, and vitamins and minerals. The price of a soup, shake, or jelly is around £4.77 per day, which comes to around £145 a month.

The diet claims to carry excellent nutritional properties, given its combination of protein and low GI carbohydrates, and its proponents also claim it is psychologically sound because it combines a range of palatable products to suit all tastes, plus support and advice to guarantee long-term adherence. Once customers have reached their target weight, they are permitted a little more flexibility in their diet, and are able to take on a wider variety of foods.

The Tony Ferguson weight loss regime gauges your suitability before you start; it does this by taking your BMI, and ensuring that you are not pregnant or breast feeding, you’re not afflicted by any eating disorder and you’re at least 16 years old. If you’ve recently given birth, undergone major organ surgery, or suffer from heart, liver or kidney complications, the programme’s directors prefer it if you have your GP’s approval before starting the course.


  • The programme offers its users lifetime membership and support – but they need to keep on purchasing the products.
  • The plan tells users exactly what and when to consume.
  • The programme offers details to help users follow the plan: these details include restricted foods, recipes, customer forums, and weight loss articles.
  • Users can receive one-to-one guidance and encouragement from a specialist advisor.
  • The course is designed to adapt to users’ changing needs as they lose weight, becoming less rigid and more varied along the way.


  • The programme is essentially a low-carb diet; the sort of regime you could follow without needed to invest in all the special products.
  • The course is very specific, and doesn’t offer much choice.
  • The inclusion of treats and deserts is seen as unnecessary by some, who would be just as satisfied with a piece of fruit as with a dessert or a snack.
  • The diet can get expensive over time as you keep on purchasing the stipulated products – especially if you factor in things like the fibre and vitamin capsules.

Is the Tony Ferguson program right for me?

This type of diet, which offers relatively little carbohydrate intake, could help you achieve weight-loss in the short term, but is too narrow and rigid to cater for the majority of people over a long period. It just isn’t feasible for most people to permanently ditch their favorite foods, alcohol or caffeine inevitably, old eating and drinking habits will return after a while.

The danger is that, once the initial weight loss has been achieved, the metabolism adjusts by slowing down, until users reach a point where they can’t shed any more weight. After this stage, many people will become disillusioned with their diet and return to more normal eating. Because their bodies have become used to receiving fewer calories than previously, the weight will flood back on. Users will then start the search for another diet to lose weight, and so the yo-yo process begins again – not ideal for the well-being of either body or mind. Low carbohydrate diets can be prone to making people feel miserable, and develop cravings which become increasingly difficult to counter.

The Slim Girl’s Box of Secrets™

Some would argue that the brain, and your view of food, is more significant than counting calories for weight loss. This focus on the mental aspect of weight loss is address strongly by the Slim Girl’s Box of Secrets, which goes into detail about why most diets fail, and how to overcome hunger and excessive eating simply by retraining the brain. This is a thorough, methodical approach to behavior remapping, and provides a powerful tool for modifying the unconscious mind to regulate any tendency to overeat. The Slim Girl’s Box of Secrets is very popular amongst celebrities who need to remain slim, and may well be a better, more cost effective alternative than Tony Ferguson’s Diet.

Where to buy the Tony Ferguson program?

The Tony Ferguson program is readily available to buy both online and offline.