Smart For Life Cookie Diet Review

What You Need To Know:

If you’re someone who thinks they are burdened by some form of metabolic dysfunction, the Smart For Life Cookie Diet may be worth consideration. The basis of this diet is that a sizeable number of people who are overweight are troubled by metabolic problems going on within their body.

The diet addresses this issue with a number of ‘no hunger’ foods – namely cookies, soups, shakes, muffins, and desserts. These foods have a tiny calorie content and contain a good balance of protein and fibre.

Users are instructed to eat seven meals per day; six of these seven contain their specific products, and the seventh is a piece of chicken or fish with a big portion of vegetables (up to five cups).

Those taking the programme will also be told to get a full medical examination to examine what’s going on in the body, and the need for treatment such as injections – which can be administered at Smart for Life centers.

The course also offers users counselling for the emotional aspects of overeating – so followers have help controlling their cravings, binges, and emotional reasons for constantly eating. It is hoped that users will then address some of the reasons as to why they’re overweight in the first place.

It is claimed that users of this programme will lose 12-15 pounds per month if they follow the schedule exactly as directed.


  • The course tackles the emotional aspect of eating – which poses a huge barrier for many people
  • Users receive medical supervision during their treatment
  • The prescribed food products are organic, and include many healthy nutrients
  • Users will learn how to take control of their blood sugar levels
  • Those on the course will not be afflicted by major hunger pangs
  • Quick and rapid weight loss is likely


  • Calorie intake is minimal – taking on only about 800 calories per day, users can expect to see both less muscle mass and slower metabolism
  • The course offers little guidance on how users can maintain their healthy eating habits over the long time – unless users continually depend on their products to get you through the day, they’re likely to fare badly once the programme is complete
  • Exercise is not actually mentioned during the main fat loss stage
  • There isn’t any scientific evidence that the ‘metabolic problems’ mentioned in the programme are actually genuine factors in people’s weight problems


The main advantage of this program is the way is teachers users to eat regularly and reduce their portion sizes. The downside, however, is that unless users eat the products specifically recommended by the programme, they’re unlikely to see top results. This can be expensive, and users may not learn much about healthy eating for the long term.

Furthermore, because the plan allows so few calories, users may struggle to get energy they need to meet the challenges of the day, and could even suffer from nutrient deficiencies.

If you’re after rapid weight loss, by all means go for this plan; but don’t expect the gains to stay forever. Most of those who complete ultra low-calorie programmes often pile weight back on, as the body adapts to its new, slower metabolism.

Where To Buy:

Smart For Life products are available to buy online through the official website.