Lemonade Diet Review

What You Need To Know:

If you’ve ever done any homework on the various super-fast weight loss diets on the market, you’ve surely read about the Lemonade Diet, alternatively known as the Master Cleanse plan.

This course is based on the idea that, for a period of between seven and 10 days, you will take on nothing but a combination which will flush the toxic build-up from your body and kickstart your weight loss.

Users report feeling more clarity in their mind after completing the cleanse phase, and  incredibly clear-minded after coming out of the cleanse and say their appetite fell to a more reasonable level once this phase was complete.

But is the Lemonade Diet really all that? Let’s investigate what this plan is really about – so you can decide for yourself.


  • The course gives extremely quick weight loss, because it entails almost no calories


  • The weight you’re losing is likely to consist of water
  • It’s highly probable that you’ll lose muscle mass tissue as well as fat, because the body has no chance of keeping its muscle level up
  • Energy levels will usually drop rapidly, which makes exercising extremely difficult
  • If you wish to pursue this course for longer than the seven-day period, you’re at serious risk of long-term nutrient deficiencies
  • There’s no conclusive scientific evidence that this solution is effective
  • The metabolic rate will decrease – so when you return to a regular diet, you’re susceptible to weight gain


On this course, you’re instructed to take on six to twelve glasses of the ‘lemonade’ drink every day. This solution consists of 2 tbsp lemon juice, 2 tbsp real maple syrup, 1/10 tsp cayenne pepper, and 8 oz of water.


Overall, this is among the least advisable weight loss plans on the market. Although it can trigger speedy weight loss, the weight will pile back on almost as soon as you stop the diet – you may even add further fat mass in the process.

The most unsatisfactory aspect of the plan is that it provides absolutely no instruction on the true meaning, and requirements, of healthy eating; so you’ll just be back in exactly the same position, if not slightly worse off, when you finish the programme.

If you’re really looking for effective, enduring weight loss, you’d be well-advised to continue you search, as there are many more realistic and rational programmes than this.

Where To Buy:

The Lemonade Diet is available to purchase online from the official www.LemonadeDietPill.com website.