Dr Siegal’s Cookie Diet™ Review

What You Need To Know:

If you love nothing more than nibbling on a cookie, Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet could be right up your street. Any of those who hate having to abstain from their favorite treat  - cookies – have a great chance of seeing results with this plan.

The programme is based around a staple of six cookies per day, as well as a big glass of water at the times when hunger hits. You augment these cookies with a regular dinner meal of between 500 and 700 calories, rounding out your daily calorific consumption.

However, this combination will still amount to only 1000-1200 calories – each cookie contains only 500 calories. While this level may suit an inactive woman who weighs 120 pounds for fat loss purposes, heavier people will find it an extremely low-calorie plan.

Any extremely low-calorie approach carries the danger of nutrient deficiencies – and seeing as the majority of your meals on this programme consist of nothing but cookies, it’s safe to say you won’t receive the necessary vitamins and minerals you require.

Perhaps the bigger drawback is that, once the weight loss has been achieved (and in all probability you will see your weight fall on this course,) because the diet is so low in calories, you won’t have any real understanding of what ‘eating healthily’ truly involves.

Furthermore, if you’re not keen to spend vast sums on cookies for the rest of your days to keep this diet up, it’s reasonable to assume you’ll put some weight back on when you come off it.

The course does not include any thorough recommendations for a proper exercise regime either – although this level of nutrient consumption won’t leave you with much energy for regular exercise anyway.

This programme may be adequate for those targeting some quick weight-loss to begin with, but after that you’d be well-advised to opt for a plan with better balance.


  • The programme fulfils your craving for cookies
  • Participants receive a substantial amount of dietary fiber
  • Most claim to be left with a low level of hunger
  • The sole recommended meal is pretty nicely balanced


  • The weight loss is generally rapid – but it’s neither sustainable nor truly safe
  • The program strips the body of a significant amount of muscle mass
  • Such minimal calorie consumption will slow the body’s metabolism
  • The lack of nutrients in the diet puts you at risk of deficiency
  • The programme is costly to keep up
  • The programme does not offer any information on resistance training – an essential part of any effective weight loss schedule
  • The plan does not nurture the sound everyday eating habits that will allow you to keep the weight off over the long term.


Overall, if you’re truly keen to achieve exceptional weight loss, you’d be better advised to choose an alternative program that accommodates a cheat meal – and satisfy your cookie craving through this course instead. In truth, the Dr Siegals course is not adequately reinforced by nutritional research on what makes a proper diet.

Participants should expect this course to test their reserves of willpower and patience; although initially you may be thrilled to get six cookies a day, after the first week or so, you’ll certainly start getting bored with them.

The good news? Well, there’s no doubt anyone who takes this course will never feel desperate for a cookie again! For rapid weight loss when you need it, this is a good option; but if you want to keep the pounds off long-term, you should opt for a more rounded and less extreme strategy.

Where To Buy:

Dr Siegal’s Cookies are available to order online through the official www.CookieDiet.com website.