Here Are The Facts About Hoodia

In this article, we will go in more detail about how the African grown plant Hoodia works and how to be a smart shopper when searching for this product. We will also cover how to use this product successfully so that you can achieve the weight loss results that you’re after. There are no miracle drugs out there and just like all the rest, Hoodia should be used responsibly. The first topic we will cover is how to shop for Hoodia. It sounds simple enough. Just go out there and buy any weight loss product with Hoodia as its active ingredient, right? Unfortunately it’s not that simple.

The South African Hoodia weight loss sensation has been around for a long time and over the years there have been lots of imitations. Hopefully this article will provide you with the education and training you need to make the right decision. The first thing you must understand is that there are 13 different versions of Hoodia and they all grow in the deserts of South Africa. Out of all of these 13 versions, only one of them will give you the weight loss results that you’re looking for. The name of this plant is called Hoodia Gordonii and its benefit which has made it so popular over the years is its powerful effectiveness in suppressing one’s appetite.

Hoodia Gordonii is the only Hoodia that contains a root based molecule called P57. This plant was discovered by hunters who realized that by chewing on the roots of this plant, they were able to stay out longer and were not driven away from the fields by the need to eat.  The first thing to look for when searching for a Hoodia related product is a label called the CITES label. This label insures that the active ingredient came from South Africa which means there’s a pretty good chance it’s using Hoodia Gordonii.

Because Hoodia Gordonii comes from South Africa, it makes the product more expensive. Because of this, companies include far less of the active ingredient in order to save money. In order for you to have the correct dosage, 10% to 45% of the active ingredient should be Hoodia Gordonii. Just because the product did come from Africa does not guarantee it is Hoodia Gordonii and most of the Hoodia products you buy in stores will not inform you of which of the 13 Hoodias are being used. Hoodia is hoodia to most companies.  Therefore, you should only do business with a company that offers a 3 to 6 month guarantee.

Having a longer guarantee insures that you’ll have enough time to fully test the product. A company that does not offer a guarantee probably does not do so because they have doubts that their product really works and can’t afford to have many customers asking for their money back.  Be sure to keep all these points in mind when shopping for Hoodia.