Unique Hoodia

What You Need To Know:

If you’ve embarked on a weight loss plan but been afflicted by daily hunger pangs, Unique Hoodia is definitely worth a try. This solution is derived from a plant in the South African desert, and was initially used by hunters to quell their appetites during lengthy foraging excursions. The product is renowned for completely eliminating the feeling of hunger in the body, so large numbers dieters now utilise it to provide support for their diet programs.

One of the biggest problems which blights the majority of hoodia products is the fact that you can never certain you’re really taking 100% pure hoodia, and it’s hard for you to be sure you’re receiving the dosage necessary for genuine gains.

With Unique Hoodia, you can really put your mind to rest.


  • This suppresses the feeling of hunger, so you can easily pursue a low-calorie diet
  • The supplement is created using pure, organic South African Hoodia Gordonii (CITES, COA & Annex certified) – so you’ll see the best possible outcomes
  • The product is produced in CGMP approved manufacturing centres
  • You receive 495mg pure hoodia per pill – the highest effective (safe) dosage currently on the market
  • This solution offers more pills per box than its rivals
  • The supplement now includes Bioperine so it’s 30% more effective
  • Users will not feel any side effects
  • You can benefit from a 6-month money back guarantee
  • This solution is extremely natural for the body, and does not include any preservatives


  • The product still require you to monitor your calorie intake for genuine weight loss – if you consume foods for reasons other than hunger, this solution may not bring results for you
  • The product won’t raise your energy levels as some other diet supplements can


495 mg pure hoodia gordonii – this ingredient includes the active P57 ingredient which is vital for results


To achieve optimum benefits, you must begin with a single dose and gauge your tolerance and reaction. From this point, you should progress up to three pills per day – consumed before meals.

Additional Considerations:

Due to the strong appetite-reducing properties of Hoodia Gordonii, you must take care to ensure you’re still eating a healthy well-balanced diet. Some users will find their food cravings drop so much that they may not consume sufficient calories, and could even begin to suffer malnutrition as a result.

You should still take care to monitor your diet while using this supplement – and be sure to consume high-nutrient foods that have a less substantial calorie count, so you see fast weight loss while using hoodia without jeopardising your health.

Please bear in mind that, by reducing your calorie intake too much, you will decrease the pace of your metabolism and so weight loss will grind to a halt. The target should be no lower than 1000 calories per day for women, or 1200 per day for men.


If you usually encounter problems in maintaining your diet plan due to hunger cravings, hoodia is definitely a wise investment. Hunger is one of the biggest impediments to a sensible, long-term diet strategy – so by taking it out of the equation, you’ll find it ten times easier to meet your weight loss targets.

This supplement is a natural ingredient, so it’s extremely safe and you don’t have to worry about health complications.

Where To Buy:

Unique Hoodia is only available to buy online from the official www.UniqueHoodia.com website, and from Slimming.com.