Weight Watchers Review

Essentially, Weight Watchers is a points system to monitor weight loss, which has been in existence for around 40 years and has been adjusted slightly over time. The latest version, called ‘Momentum,’ is widely regarded as the best model yet conceived, blending the standard points ranking with a new focus on foods that fill you up without being energy dense. Good examples of the type of food recommended by the new system are fruit and vegetables – which are packed with fibre, and give you that full feeling without piling on the calories.

How does Weight Watchers work?

The Weight Watchers regime is designed to offer a strategy which is simple to follow, allowing you to control eating habits and gain a better understanding of healthy eating. The plan is focused on sensible weight loss, and it requires long-term discipline – you need to stick to your program for a long period of time, and monitor your progress along the way.

Rather than a hard-and-fast list of right and wrong, good and bad foods, Weight Watchers gives you a table that allocates a points score to foods, based on several factors including the amount of fat, fibre and calories they contain. You have license to eat whichever foods you like – provided the total points of those foods do not go over your daily allowance.

With the latest program, Weight Watchers members are now able to participate in the program online – as well as the usual way, based around local meetings which provide valuable support and encouragement.

Weight Watchers strives to help you cut your body weight by 5-10 per cent, and bring your BMI down to less than 25 (as long as it’s not unusually high before you begin the program.)

Benefits of Weight Watchers:

  • Weight Watchers offers a versatile diet that gives you freedom to continue consuming foods that you enjoy.
  • The core principle of not over-stepping a particular calorie (points) mark each day, coupled with some physical exercise, brings results for most people.
  • Weight Watchers contains valuable information on healthy food options and thousands of recipe ideas.
  • Those who value their privacy can pursue Weight Watchers online, with assistance provided by advisors and other members through web-based forums. You can take the program at your own pace in your own home, which can offer great convenience. There are tailored sites for both sexes, to meet specific needs.
  • The online version allows users to view workout demonstrations. By doing the recommended exercise, users can gain points to increase their daily allowance.
  • If you prefer the support of other people, you can go to local meetings and benefit from a weekly weigh in and progress assessment.
  • The program offers value for money, working out at about £12 (approx $18) a month, including a sign up fee.


  • Keeping track of points is challenging, time consuming, or excessively tedious for some, they see it as being as big a chore as counting calories.
  • For those who have little time on their hands, or have to travel long distances, attending weekly meetings can be tough.
  • For men, the Weight Watchers program can only be taken online.
  • For some, the weekly meetings can become a primarily social event, and members can lose focus from their primary goal of slimming.

Is Weight Watchers right for me?

The Weight Watchers plan is a proven routine that offers decent benefit for those who want to lose weight in a measured fashion, without recourse to drugs or oppressive crash diets. However, many believe the idea of points is slightly contrived – they would rather know simply what foods are healthy and what are not. Also, unfortunately, large numbers of members lose their focus and come to view Weight Watchers as a form of social club.

The Slim Girl’s Box of Secrets™

The Slim Girl’s Box of Secrets offers a different option for people looking for a long-term solution emphasizing a healthy lifestyle, a sound diet, and a positive state of mind. The holistic view of health is becoming more popular, as is the role of the brain and the power of the mind in weight loss. The positive outlook and natural appetite regulation of thin people can be achieved by people who are overweight, through training. Counting points before consuming food is a little simplistic, and slightly outdated.

How do I join Weight Watchers?

Visit your country specific Weight Watchers website for information on how to join.