FitOrbit Review

What You Need To Know:

The FitOrbit Program is a sound choice for people searching for a little extra guidance as they go about their weight loss plan. Those who are liable to have difficulty staying with a paper-based program will really like the interactive facility this course includes, since you’ll receive regular one-on-one access to a qualified personal trainer.

Because you are working with a trainer on a close, detailed level, this program will offer you a completely personalized diet – so you can rest assured that your primary nutritional requirements will be met. Unlike other courses, which might require hours of tweaking and adapting before they meet your personal circumstances, this plan comes ready-tailored just for you – a major advantage over rival programs.

Another excellent aspect of FitOrbit is the introduction you’ll receive to several different exercises, all suitable to your needs. After discussing your personal targets with your trainer, they will allocate the correct exercises for your situation – so you can realize optimum results.


  • You receive a greater degree of personalized attention than many rival programs offer
  • You can easily find a diet suited to your personal taste preferences
  • It won’t be as costly as hiring your own personal trainer
  • You’re able to carry out the workouts in the comfort of your own home
  • You can log onto your files and fire off e-mails to your trainer throughout the day
  • You can schedule your workout at a time that’s suitable for you – free from the hassle of working round a trainer’s schedule


  • This program demands an internet connection – so you can log-in regularly and chat with your trainer
  • You’ll have to carry out the workouts on your own – if self-motivation is a problem for you, this could be something of a challenge
  • You need to make ongoing payments if you wish to stay with this program over a long period


The ongoing personal support you gain with FitOrbit really does give the program a stand-out factor. With other online courses, you usually receive your manual and your exercise guide with illustrations – but after that the onus is on you to follow the program as it’s laid out.

You’re always likely to achieve more when the program is constantly evolving and adapting in accordance with the progress you’re making – so FitOrbit offers a clear advantage. Your trainer will be able to gauge and appraise your progress each and every week, and this will be factored into the workouts you receive.

In other scenarios, your progress rarely if ever receives consideration – so people who are making rapid gains can be held back, delaying the rate of advancement they might otherwise enjoy.

If you want closer, more personal support, and ongoing assistance towards your fitness targets, but you don’t have the time to meet a trainer on a semi-weekly basis, this is an excellent option for you.

Where To Join:

You can join FitOrbit online at the official website.