eDiets Review


eDiets means every diet, not electronic diet as you might assume; indeed, this particularly program includes pretty much every weight loss diet you could imagine. eDiets are a subscription based online program, in which users make quarterly payments and are given a personalized diet, meal plans, recipes, email support, and links to online chat rooms, message boards, and calculators.

How does eDiets work?

The range of plans can be quite confusing, but, to allow you to select the most suitable option, eDiets includes an initial questionnaire you can answer online. This quizzes you on your weight loss target, your beliefs and assumptions about different varieties of diet (such as low carbohydrate or low fat diets) and standard details such as your height and weight. Other factors, such as the amount of time you have to prepare meals, are also taken into consideration. Using the answers you provide, eDiets can suggest the diet most suitable for you.

The diet plans themselves are based on some of the more familiar, renowned dietary alternatives such as Atkins, Mediterranean, and South Beach diets, but they have been tweaked to make them more flexible and thus easier to follow over a prolonged period of time. The program is designed to help you lose weight at a natural and healthy pace, targeting for an average weekly reduction of approximately 2 lb.

Advantages of eDiets:

  • Many different dietary alternatives.
  • Access to tailored weight loss diet plans, as well as meal suggestions and additional assistance from a dietician if needed.
  • Option of a customised fitness routine, plus online support from a trainer, and fitness videos.
  • Assistance, guidance, and encouragement from the burgeoning eDiet online community.
  • A realistic cost of around £3 (or $5) each week.
  • A means of getting shape which does not rely on drugs or other artificial remedies.
  • A realistic route to achieving weight loss, and then sustaining your achievements.
  • Not too restrictive on forbidden foods – instead the program is about what you can, and should eat.


  • Although the meal plans are decent and well-balanced, you have to take breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a snack every day with calories fairly equally divided among them. You cannot easily modify this to a different regime, such as five smaller meals in a day, or swap calories between days to accommodate special occasions. You can’t include the odd snack, or eat out. You have to stick with the routine in the program (although you can swap one meal for another.)

The exception to this rule is the eDiets Totals Plan, which gives users a certain number of ‘totals’ each day, with foods individually rated for calorie content and given an overall value. This option gives you the opportunity to introduce your own meals, and affords far more flexibility.

  • When you first start the program, you have to sign up for a minimum of ten weeks and pay up front for this period. Furthermore, a tailored fitness plan incurs an additional charge of 75 pence (or around $1.00) per week, or £7.50 ($11.00) for the whole ten weeks.

Is eDiets right for me?

If you are looking to cut down your weight for the first time, and you’re not sure where to start, then eDiets could be useful – as they allow you to determine the kind of diet that’s best for you, and they offer ongoing encouragement to ensure you don’t lose motivation. With such a range of diets around, a person can select one because it is heavily publicised, before discovering it is not appropriate. Also, maintaining motivations is one of the biggest problems dieters encounters, so the availability of advice and guidance can be crucial.

eDiets should assist you in reaching your weight loss objective within a realistic period, and in a healthy fashion. When you’ve reached your initial goal, you might be inclined to introduce another one, or simply stick with the maintenance service provided by eDiets – which keeps offering you weekly menu plans.

On the other hand, many people could see the prescriptive approach of the menu plans as being too restrictive over a long period of time, and soon wish to introduce some foods of their own choice again. This is ok for those who have stuck with their actual plan for three or six months, achieved their goal and, through their experience, learned the right sort of foods to eat and those to refrain from in future. It’s ultimately about doing what you are told for a while until you have earned the freedom to choose your own foods again. eDiets is a good option for people wanting to find out how to shed weight in the short term, and also how to eat healthily for good.

Where can I join eDiets at the cheapest price?

The eDiets program is only available to join through the official website.