The Slim Girl’s Box of Secrets Review

My Review Of The Popular “Slim Girl’s Box of Secrets” (Can it really guarantee you will lose 14 pounds in 1 month?)

I’m not a keen supporter of diets and extreme exercise regimes and I imagine you share my view. So when I discovered this popular new weight loss solution called “The Slim Girl’s Box of Secrets” and found out to my amazement that there was no diet or much exercise required, so it REALLY grabbed my attention!

I was very interested to find out if weight loss was really possible without dieting because we’ve all heard about the “miracle” weight loss programs that don’t work, and believe me I’ve tried quite a few of them! So, I decided to contact the man behind the product, Ali Campbell, to review his program

Ali Campbell is a Certified Hypnotherapist, NLP Master, Life Coach and Weight Loss Expert for Royalty and Celebrities so I thought he must really know his stuff.

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I wanted to see if it really conjures the weight loss miracles many people are talking about; so I got in touch with the product’s creator, Ali Campbell, to review his initiative.

When the package came, I ripped off the envelope and here’s what I found: The Slim Girl’s Box of Secrets includes 2 DVDs, 2 CDs, a 200-page book and a bespoke style guide. Each of these features was high quality – very impressive!

The next part of the process was to explore the program and see if it actually does provide incredible weight loss results. I found out that the man behind it, Ali Campbell, has one interesting background; in fact he has trained Royalty, a few rockstars and some celebrities and notables such as Patrick Swan. Ali’s resume includes expertise in Hypnosis and he’s a trained NLP expert who received his tuition from the famous Paul McKenna. Yet, even with such a distinguished background, Ali comes across as a generous, approachable personality that people can connect with.

Ali thought most weight loss programs were just not feasible for the average person to utilise. So he wanted to take an alternative route, and condensed the weight loss program he used to train clients over several years into a step-by-step offering, provided in a multi-media platform that would really reach out to the average person.

As I began to progress through the book, I was initially struck by the fact that this program wasn’t based on exercises or diet tricks. Instead, I found the bulk of the program addresses weight loss from a mental perspective.

At first, I got the impression this was merely a motivational course in attractive packaging. But after hearing the CDs, viewing the DVDs and reading the book thoroughly, I now appreciate the genius behind Ali’s method. This is a radical new direction in my opinion, unlike anything else out there. In fact, I don’t think there’s ever been a program quite like this before! So I decided to try it for myself!

Ali Campbell - Certified Hypnotherapist, NLP Master, Life Coach and Weight Loss Expert for Royalty and Celebrities

One of the great aspects of The Slim Girl’s Box of Secrets program is that you don’t have to visit the gym, or indulge in much exercise, and you can enjoy as much normal food as you wish. This program is not a set of inflexible rules that cramp your lifestyle; it actually allows you much more freedom with regard to losing pounds and inches. It also gives you the tools and techniques to beat your cravings, and provides a plethora of absorbing mental techniques that anyone can use to trim their weight. One of the key components of Ali’s package is that you re-evaluate your relationship with food.

Essentially, you will get the same expertise one receives from a professional psychotherapist or hypnotherapist who focuses on weight loss. These skilled experts can conjure what appears like weight loss miracles, even for hard luck cases. This expertise is delivered via a sleek, step-by-step system in simple English that you can use from home.

Another component of Ali’s program is his emphasis on making your metabolism faster; one of the key advantages for pretty people is their fast metabolism, which enables them to eat calorie rich foods while keeping a toned waistline. That’s why speeding up your metabolic rate is crucial. Ali covers this in extensive detail too.

I’ve seen a dozens of books, courses and videos claiming to give you a fast metabolism. Some of them are gobbledygook; others are decent. When it came to Ali’s approach to speeding up your metabolism, I liked how he had delivered an efficient, simple and reliable method for doing it. And that’s the drawback with many weight loss programs; – they take too long to deliver results, or they’re too complex and challenging to work properly.

As for Ali’s claim that his “Slim Girl’s Box of Secrets” will take 14 pounds off you in a single month, I can’t definitively state that it’s 100% true for everyone who tries it. I personally don’t believe everyone will lose 14 pounds in four weeks, but after reviewing his course and seeing this new approach to weight loss, I believe the targets in his program are realistic. I also think the cost of this package is fair and affordable – and it comes with a 45-day money back guarantee so you have plenty of time to decide if it’s the best option for your needs and circumstances.

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My conclusion is that I would certainly recommend “The Slim Girl’s Box of Secrets” – I was most impressed by it! Indeed, I believe there will be plenty of imitations of the product Ali Campbell has created.

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