Alli Review

What You Need To Know:

If you’re after a weight loss pill that will allow you to consume more foods that you enjoy without gaining weight as a result, the pill known as Alli may provide the solution you’re after.

If you know anything about the prescription-only weight loss solution, Xenical then you’ll already have a decent impression of what Alli does. This product contains the same active ingredient as Xenical; however, because its strength is lower, it does not need a prescription.

Both pills function in a similar way – both help to prevent the absorption of fat once it’s ingested, reducing your overall calorie gain. Weight loss hinges on the number of calories you consume over the course of a day, against those you burn; so it’s easy to see the benefits of Alli.

Let’s examine some of the pros and cons of using Alli:


  • The product has earned FDA approval
  • It allows you to satisfy your craving for fatty foods
  • Alli can help to cut the amount of cholesterol in your body
  • The product can block up to a quarter of the total fat calories you ingest


  • You don’t receive education in healthy eating, or long-term guidance towards sustainable weight loss
  • Alli can cause sudden voiding of the bowels, as well as diarrhea
  • The product won’t affect the level of carbohydrate or protein absorption
  • Users don’t get complete carte blanche with their food intake – it only blocks 25% of the calories
  • Alli has previously been linked to colon cancer
  • The product could lead to serious liver damage


The active ingredient present in Alli is Orlistat, an ingredient which works by breaking down dietary fat but preventing it from being completely absorbed by the body.

How To Use:

For optimum gains, it’s best to take Alli thrice daily, using the 60 mg tablets provided. However, it’s important to note though that, while using it, your meals should not go beyond 15 grams of dietary fat.


To sum up, if you’re looking for a bit of support with your weight loss regime, Alli can provide the assistance you’re looking for. But you must bear in mind that this does not allow you to eat poorly. If you consume too much fat in your meals or consume too many calories, you’re still going to see weight gain.

Alli is only going to give you modest support, and those who do not make significant, lasting changes in their eating habits will never see permanent success.

Also, it’s important to keep those side effects in mind, as the product throws up a number of serious health concerns which merit consideration. Many people may conclude that the benefits of Alli are outweighed by the side effects it brings.

Where To Buy:

Alli is available to buy online from