Why Diets Don’t Work for Most of Us

Whenever most people think of losing weight, the first thing they think about is getting on the right diet. Unfortunately, the majority of the weight loss community thinks that diets must be uncomfortable. You must either skip meals all together, eat foods you particularly don’t like to much or you must prepare difficult recipes all of the time that are time consuming and not so easy. Usually implying you should know how to cook in order to lose weight. For this reason dieting tends to be the most difficult part to much which is why most people get chill bumps when they hear that word.

Many diets don’t teach safe and healthy smart shopping, they don’t focus on nutrition and they don’t teach you strategies for dining out or on those rare occasions when you’re with family or spending time with friends for the holidays. Other problems with diets are many don’t teach affective ways to exercise. To add insult to injury, they don’t teach is how to deal with the problem that usually plagues us the most – how to deal with our cravings.

The reason why diets don’t work for most people who try them is because when you go on a low-calorie diet, your body thinks you are starving; it actually becomes more efficient at storing fat by slowing down your metabolism. When you stop this unrealistic eating plan, your metabolism is still slow and inefficient which causes you to gain the weight back faster, even though you may still be eating less than you were before you went on the diet.

We eventually get sick and tired of the complexity, the hunger, the lack of flavor, the lack of flexibility, the lack of energy, and the feeling of depriving ourselves of what we love most. It’s probably a good decision to make because we’re usually sacrificing nutrition.

Things start to get worse when we choose to try again. We try another diet and pick up another exercise program. We find that it’s much harder to lose the weight the second time than we did the first time. Usually what happens next is that we eat more and exercise less, which causes us more frustration, discouragement and depression. It might even have an effect on self esteem. That’s when we usually start telling ourselves, “Diets don’t work!” and “Why bother, I’ll just fail!

Usually you begin to think you have a lack of will power compared to others. But what the real problem is a lack of education and understanding that dieting should not be a temporary thing, it should be a lifestyle change that we can live with for the rest of our lives in complete comfort.

So instead throwing in the towel and deciding to accept the fact that you’ll always be a little chubby, let’s find a solution. For starters, the best thing you can do to improve your health and appearance is to begin a routine of daily exercise. It’s no secret that clients of bariatric surgery clinics are prescribed an hour of exercise a day before they can be candidates of surgery. What often happens is that some of those clients end up losing so much weight that they decline the surgery.

As for what kind of exercise you do, it’s completely up to you. Just as long as it keeps your heart rate up for a consistent period of time. This can be anything from walking, biking, swimming, to even house cleaning, can work wonders.

So let’s talk about your eating habits, because this is important as well. You can start off with reducing your calorie intake by 100 calories. Maybe that’s drinking one less can of pop or having non-fat milk in your coffee in lieu of cream. You could reduce your intake of dairy; eat fruit instead of high calorie snack foods. Start looking for substitutes and build from there.