Why Are You Putting On Weight?

There are many energized weight loss enthusiasts out there that follow weight loss programs religiously, they select the foods they’re supposed to eat, they watch their calorie intake and they exercise on a regular basis. However, despite all of their attempts to lose weight, the numbers on that scale keep going up, and so does their waistline measurements. This article will discuss 5 likely reasons you still continue to pack on the pounds.

Reason #1 You are putting on weight because of a lack of sleep –

When you don’t get enough rest at night, you’re a chemical mechanism occurs in the body which causes you to store fat more efficiently during the rest you are getting.  Because your body is hardwired to deal with famine, it stores more fat in order to deal with future stress. Another side affect to having a lack of sleep is that this also causes you to feel stress during the day and this often resorts to you eating more food during the day than usual In order to cope. If this is something you suffer from, a solution would be taking 10 to 20 minute power naps during the day and going to bed earlier in the evening. Trying to sleep in during the mornings is not going to solve the problem.

Reason #2 You are putting on weight due to stress –

Obviously this point was briefly covered in the previous reason as a lack of sleep exasperates this problem. However sleep is not the only cause of anxiety and stress to the body. If that’s true for you, then your body is releasing more of the hormone cortisol than usual and you’ll begin to store belly fat. When you are in a constant state of stress, your body shifts into survival mode, which means it starts burning calories at a much slower rate. Your metabolism slows down to pace distribution of energy units and it dumps cortisol, leptin and other hormones into the body to cope.

Reason #3 You are putting on weight due to medications –

Many people take some type of medication nowadays. Consequently those medications could be causing you to pack on unwanted pounds. Some prescription drugs used to treat depression, mood disorders, seizures, migraines, blood pressure issues and diabetes are known to cause weight gain. Some people will see weight gains of 10 pounds per month.

Reason #4 You are putting on weight due to a medical condition –

Hypothyroidism is an example of a medical condition that can cause you to gain weight instead of losing it. That’s because a deficiency of thyroid hormone decreases metabolism.

Reason #5 You are putting on weight because of menopause –

Sometimes when women go through menopause, due to a loss of estrogen, this can cause their shapes to change where they start storing more fat in the belly. Estrogen favors fat deposition in the lower body but when you lose this hormone, fat is more likely to be deposited in the midsection thus giving you a muffin-top appearance.