What Packs 300% More Detox And Weight Loss Power Then Acai Berry?

For a very long time now, and for good reason, you’ve been bombarded with positive information over acai berries, because Acai berries were declared a “super food”. And for good reason, they’re fully loaded with antioxidants and can help you slim down your waistline with its Resveratrol and Anthocymanins. It also contains Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, amino acids fiber and other nutrients.

People have been loading up on Acai berries for quite some time now to enjoy its anti aging benefits, weight loss benefits, cell protection, and other nutrients it provides. There is no doubt that this berry has earned its right as being a household name and being fully endorsed by celebrities such as Oprah.

Today I would like to share some exciting news with you. There is another berry that has been recently discovered that rivals the Acai berry in the areas of antioxidant support detoxifying your body and is 3 times more affective in the area of weight loss.

This violet colored newly discovered berry is called the Maqui Berry (pronounced mah-key)    and also resides in areas of South America. In particular, it grows on the rain forests of Chile and in southern areas of Argentina.

Believe it or not, it was a few choice words and sentences of a popular cooking show host called Rachel Ray that started the buzz and caused web-based searches for the berry to shoot up by 400%. This berry has even made its way to BBC radio, ABC, CBS and has been a feature report on Fox news.

During the discussion on Fox news, Dr. Ward Bond stated that this berry is 4 to 8 times more powerful than the Acai berry in the area of antioxidant support. The Los Angeles Times reported that the Maqui Berry is the highest antioxidant super food in the world.

That’s based on the ORAC value which is the official measurement used by laboratories around the world to measure the antioxidant content of foods. Maqui Berries outclass Goji Berry, Pomegranate, Noni and Mangosteen and Acai Berries in terms of antioxidant content so it was very easy to label this powerful south American berry as a “super-food”. In fact, the ORAC value (which is antioxidant value/gram) of Acai Berry is 1027 while Maqui Berry is 2500!

If that’s not impressive enough, you’ll even find Anthocyanins, Polyphenols and amino acids in Maqui Berries just like Acai Berry. The only downside is the Maqui Berry contains no real Omega 3 fatty acid content like Acai Berry and that may be why it’s not as famous as Acai Berries. However, look at the benefits you do get from the still head turning Maqui Berry:

  • Slims your body
  • Clears out toxins and poisons
  • Look years younger
  • Gives you boundless energy
  • Feel a better sense of well being
  • Helps ward off health issues
  • Makes your skin, hair and nails look better
  • May help with preventing cancer and diabetes
  • Good for heart health

Now there are already a wide variety of products out there offering the Maqui Berry in some form or another. In fact there are enough choices out there to confuse you quite a bit if you lack the education and knowledge. We’ve taken the time to do all of this research on your behalf and the product we feel will bring the best health related results is called Ultimate Maqui Berry. Let’s talk about how we came to this culmination.

The authenticity certificate that Ultimate Maqui Berry contains insures that you’re getting 100% pure, real and organic Maqui Berry with absolutely zero fillers. As I’m sure you’re probably quite aware of, many supplements are loaded with fillers which seriously subtracts from the pure ingredients need to affect any positive changes in your body. In the past, if you’ve consistently and diligently taken other products and didn’t see any undeniable changes, now you know why. With Ultimate Maqui Berry, you should see results since you’re getting more than the required amount of nutrients in every tablet to cause positive changes. Here’s another interesting benefit we’ve discovered.

The company that manufactures Ultimate Maqui Berry is the only one that includes over 1800 mg of pure maqui in each tablet. This is quite impressive considering that research shows that you only need about 500mg in order to receive any benefit. In case you were not paying attention, that’s more than 3 times the required dosage.

The Maqui Berries never leave the Patagonia forests before being freeze dried by the company. This is done in order to guarantee you get the highest antioxidants concentration in each and every tablet. Plus, this company actually has backing from reputable medical authorities that you can read about on their website. They have a COA or “Certificate of Analysis” on their site and they even have the details of clinical trials for their product.

After doing extensive research, there are no other companies peddling Maqui Berry products offer this kind of credibility can be found anywhere else. That’s why Ultimate Maqui Berry is what we highly and proudly recommend. Here’s another useful tidbit.

Many of the other companies selling Maqui Berry will relentlessly charge your credit card month after month once they bait you with a convincing free trial offer or by giving away a free sample. The company behind Ultimate Maqui Berry has no interest in creating that kind of relationship. They leave you completely behind the wheel to decide up front if you want to benefit from their products on a future basis without fear of future charges. That’s because they have complete confidence that you will receive results without question.

Although you don’t get a free trial, what you do get is a 180-day money back guarantee with  Ultimate Maqui Berry. So if you’re not completely delighted for any reason, then you can get your money back. So there are no risks when you order Ultimate Maqui Berry.

So, based on all of those positive facts, we strongly feel that Ultimate Maqui Berry is the absolute best choice in terms of Maqui Berry supplementation. You get 3 times the benefits of the famed Acai Berry, it’s completely organic and is in a big enough dosage to get results.

It’s always fresh, and has official credentials and backing. Why wouldn’t you try it?

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