What is a Negative Calorie Diet?

For the past 20 years there have been lots of fad diets which have been published and publicised, and the Negative Calorie Diet is one of many in a long line of popular fad diets.You may have read about your favourite celebrity or perhaps you have seen your favourite plump Aunt Bessie brag all about the shed loads of weight she lost in only a few days, whilst only eating fruits and vegetables. or maybe you have been surfing the Net yourself trying to find out all about the Negative Calorie Diet and how it can help you to lose weight fast because you have a special occasion you need to look your best for and the deadline is looming.No matter how little or how much you know about this so-called miracle diet, let’s get down to looking at the pro’s and con’s of this diet and see exactly what it’s all about.

The Good

The Negative Calorie Diet phenomenon is quite simple really. It’s basically the idea that your body uses more energy (hence calories) to digest a portion of food, then the amount of calories actually contained within it.For example, if you decided that you really, really needed that delicious serving of chocolate fudge cake weighing in at 500 calories and we know that your body uses 150 calories of energy to digest this wonderful treat, then you are left with a surplus of 350 calories, which inevitably finds its way to plumping up the thighs or bum! However, if you decided that you would rather chomp down on a delicious serving of raw carrots and broccoli and this healthy snack contains only 50 calories BUT your body uses up 95 calories to digest this snack, then you would have a negative calorie count of 45 calories (95-50 calories = 45).If your body has to work harder to digest the meal then the amount of calories contained within it, it is reported that you could lose up to 2 pounds per day and you will never feel hungry again either. Sounds good doesn’t it? But let’s take a closer look!

The Bad

The downside here is that you will be limited to eating only a small variety of foods, even though these foods comprise of some very delicious and yummy fruits and veggies, high in fibre, nutrients and vitamins. However, even if you only eat generous portions of apples,bananas, oranges and all the berries you can bear, plus beans, carrots, cauliflower, beets and broccoli, your system is not getting the basics such as calcium, protein, carbohydrates or healthy fats to maintain or sustain you for optimal health.

The Ugly

Nutritionists will tell you that the natural inclination of the body is to store fat and that the belief that your body burns fat calories for energy, is quite simply nonsensical, which is why exercise is so important to weight loss and maintaining weight loss. While on the negative calorie diet, you are trying to trick your body into thinking it’s starving, no matter how full you feel and the body will only go to the stored fat cells as a last resort to maintain energy.Not to mention, that your weight loss using this style of dieting isn’t permanent. Even though you may be tempted to use a fad diet to lose weight fast, eventually you will go back to eating all your favourite foods that created the need to lose weight fast, in the first place.

The Final Answer

Weight loss and maintaining your ideal body mass and image should be looked upon as a lifestyle choice as opposed to dieting. We all know that the word “diet” implies something that is temporary and going on a diet simply implies that you are approaching your weight loss with the knowledge that it may only be temporary. Why would you only want to lose weight temporarily? If, however you need to lose weight fast and decide on the Negative Calorie Diet as your preferred method, please bear in mind all the deficiencies noted in the article above and please also consult your general practitioner or physician and definitely keep it short-term. It’s perfectly okay to look for a quick solution to lose weight fast but remember that it took some time to put on the weight and like-wise it will take some time tolose extra weight if you wish to maintain it.