The 10 Greatest Cardio Workouts For Women

When choosing the right cardio workout plan for women, it’s important to consult your GP or health physician before putting an exercise plan together. You should choose a cardio workout that’s effective, as well as convenient, based on your personal level and also safe for your body. Health experts recommend getting your heart rate up for 30 minutes per day 6 times per week for both men and women. It also doesn’t hurt to do workout routines that are fun. In this article we will discuss 10 of the best and easiest recommended workout routines for women.

  1. Walking, Jogging and Running – For women, especially women just getting started, walking jogging and running is most popular. For women it’s typically walking while men usually do the jogging and running. You don’t need any equipment and you can walk your dog at the same time. It’s also a great way to socialize by inviting a friend along as a walking partner which makes the time go by faster as you converse. You can walk around in the neighborhood or get on a treadmill and watch the soaps at the same time. Exercising in this way will use all of the major muscle groups and at the same time achieve you target heart rate.
  2. Cycling – Getting on a bike or using a stationary cycle has all of the benefits of walking and jogging with the added benefit of being able to control resistance as your endurance begins to improve. Also, stationary bikes are much less expensive than treadmills if you prefer to do your cycling at home. If you’re riding outside it can be more fun because you’re moving at a faster speed as the wind blows through your hair while you’re listening to your walkman.
  3. Swimming – As you get in shape, swimming is a highly recommended sport because it’s a non impact method of exercising which means less wear and tear on your joints. It also requires much more effort which gets your heart rate up fast which does great things for your heart in the long run. You’ll also feel refreshed no matter how tired and sweaty you get because you’ve spent all your time in the cool comfortable water. Not to mention swimming and spending your time in a pool is loads of fun.
  4. Dancing – Another very fun and rewarding activity and something I personally enjoy. It’s one activity that you’ll enjoy so much that even after you get tired and have worked out for 30 minutes you might want to keep going. Just find the right music that makes you want to swing your hips from side to side and bob your head. You can have a dance party or even go to your favorite disco and have fun while losing weight.
  5. Jumping Rope – Another enjoyable sport among women because most women can clearly remember doing jump rope games as a child. You don’t need and special expensive equipment and you can do it while watching TV or listening to the radio. It’s an excellent type of fun and easy exercise to maintain.
  6. Hiking – Another highly affective exercise for women who enjoy the outdoors. It’s similar to walking or jogging but you spend your time on rough terrains and challenging your body. You’ll get to do some sightseeing and enjoying nature and you can walk the dog at the same time. All you need is a good pair of hiking shoes and you’re ready to go.
  7. Stair Stepping – The most popular star stepping exercise is getting on the stair stepping machine at the gym. However you can spend your time running up and down the stairs for 30 minutes. If you use the machine, it’s much lower impact which saves your joints and it requires a great deal of effort which gets your heart rate up fast. You have the added benefit of being able to watch TV at the same time.
  8. Elliptical Trainer – If you enjoy working out indoors, not missing your TV shows and you’re a beginner, this piece of equipment could be the ticket for you. It also adds the benefit of letting you work out all major upper and lower muscle groups at the same time and as your endurance increases you can adjust the resistance level and continuously challenge yourself.
  9. Squash, Tennis and Other Sports – Most people tend to work out harder when they are competing against someone else. Playing sports like Tennis, Basketball or Racquetball is fun, a fantastic way to socialize with friends or family and you’ll be challenged to work out as hard as possible so that you can beat your opponent and score the most points.
  10. Bodyweight Exercises – Including resistance training into your exercising goals it critical and important to being in better shape and remaining healthy because it also promotes stronger bones as well as toning your muscles without bulking up. You don’t need weights In order to accomplish this task because you can use body weight exercises such as Yoga, push-ups, sit-ups, planks and more.

For women, as well as men, it’s important to not stick to one single workout for a long period of time because it could get boring and overtime the workout is less affective. Have fun and enjoy yourself as you travel the path to a better healthier, fitter and leaner body.