Massage Therapy For Weight Loss

You may not have known this, but massage therapy can have a huge impact in helping you reach your weight loss goals. Of course the therapy itself isn’t going to slim you down that would just be too good to be true. However, it will help you in ways you have never thought plausible. In this article we will show you why it’s definitely worth taking look at, and the exact impact it has on your weight loss routine.

Massage has proven to aid significantly in weight loss through many advanced scientific studies. Massage must be done properly and in the correct manner in order to work properly. When it is, the fat capsules in subcutaneous tissue will burst and fat exudes and becomes absorbed by the body. The implications for cellulite astounding when you think about it!

There was a study conducted on a test group of 85 women ranging from the ages of 21 to 61. These women had various initial weights and shape contours. With these 85 women, 46 of them showed a mean index reduction in body circumference of 1.34 cm after completing seven sessions of treatment. 39 of these patients showed a mean index reduction in body circumference of 1.83 cm after completing 14 sessions of treatments. A decrease in mean body circumference index was seen regardless of loss or gain in the weight in most cases. Patients also showed improvement in body contour and skin texture.

Trying massage therapy is pretty obvious with results like these.

Let’s take a closer investigation at benefits of massage therapy when it relates to the area of and weight loss. Massage therapy has the ability to improve the appearance of your skin, its texture and its shape and naturally you want to look good – but the key to receiving these benefits is regular massages. Not just one and you’re done.

Of course you should be exercising when you’re trying to lose weight, and you’re probably going to have sore muscles when you’re done. If you’re stiff and sore or if you suffer an injury or overdid your exercise, a good massage can get you back in there right away burning calories. Here’s how it works.

Workouts leave lactic acid and carbonic acid, as well as other such waste products in your muscle tissue. By increasing circulation to these muscles with a good massage your recovery time is reduced because you eliminate this toxic debris.

Massages also aids in feeding oxygen and nutrients to your body by improving circulation of your entire body, which means you’ll have an overall better sense of well-being. So let’s look at reality. Most people will want to exercise and always look forward to it if they’re not sore and they feel pretty good. On the other hand, if you’re constantly sore, and feel a sense of lethargy, then the enthusiasm to exercise is non-existent for most people.

Massage therapy and weight loss go hand and hand when it comes right down to it. Serious weight will not get dropped from massage alone, but being able to consistently exercise and feel good will give you the catalyst you need to stick with your program when the going gets tough.

Of course the only problem with getting massages is the expense. Usually the price is around $50 per visit. If you have a partner or a spouse, it’s quite easy to teach yourself how to massage. Here is a good set of quality massage DVDs which can save you a lot of money