How You Can Stop Binge Eating For Good

Over eating and eating compulsively is not a healthy thing to do to your body. Unfortunately this is something that millions of women suffer from. It’s a problem that must absolutely be dealt with as soon as possible. Binge eating, or eating large quantities of food is something often done as a way to deal with personal issues in your life. Food provides pleasure and temporary comfort away from the problem.

A typical example of someone that might suffer from binge eating is someone that is overly stressed or irritable due to situations or the environment at work. Therefore you come home and chow down on a packet of cookies and a tub of cream ice cream. There are many cases with women where they will start off quite successfully on a diet for a while, but then they’ll quit and choose to binge eat because of the stress they went through on the diet itself, completely negating any benefits they’ve received. If this sounds like something you could be suffering from, you’re definitely not the only one. The great news is binge eating can be brought to a screeching end using these seven techniques listed below.

Stop Binge Eating Tip #1 – Face Reality – Weight loss isn’t easy. You must come to the realization that weight loss will be one of the hardest things you ever experience in your life. Don’t get caught up with all of the miracle diets out there.  To be quite honest with you, there’s just no other substitute for old fashioned discipline and hard work if you truly want to permanently and safely trim down your waistline.

Stop Binge Eating Tip #2 – Take 15 Minute Breaks. Before you satisfy your need to feed, take a 15 minute time out. Use this time to try to get a grip on emotional urges. Distract yourself and find something else to occupy your mind. Most of the time, you’ll find that at the end of that short 15 minute interval you’ll no longer be dueling over that guilt filled snack.

Stop Binge Eating Tip #3 – Forgive Yourself And Let It Go. Even if you do manage to make a mistake, you have to keep going and learn from it. We’re only humans. Don’t let the guild of failure consume you. Being success means never giving up. When you get knocked off the latter, regardless of what the reason was, you must get back on it and keep fighting.

Stop Binge Eating Tip #4 – Don’t Rely On Diets. I am a firm believer that diets don’t work for most of us. This doesn’t mean that you are allowed to eat whatever you want and you shouldn’t control what you eat. It means you should be responsible to what you eat. If you typically eat 7 junk food items per day, take baby steps in reducing the junk food consumption. Slowly work your down to only 5 per week. After you’ve taken the time to reach that target, Try to work your way down to zero per week.

Stop Binge Eating Tip #5 – Moderate Portion Sizes. A really good example that works extremely well is changing the size of your plate. This works well because it forces you to put smaller portions of food on your plate and eat less. Lots of women tend to put their body into shock by eliminating certain favorite foods all at once. If you typically eat an adult size pizza, try switching to a children’s size at work.

Stop  Binge Eating tip #6 – Control Your Emotions.  For the majority of women, eating disorders are due to the personal and emotional issues that need dealing with deep down in our souls. The most responsible thing you can do is to deal with these problems, even if it means talking to a professional to help you.  If you don’t finally take action on these problems, they could haunt you for almost the rest of your life. For the hundreds of women who have taken this  advice, they have seep very positive results in their life and gotten a grip on reality.

Stop Binge Eating Tip #7 – Get Support From Others. Sometimes the pressure of your peers can be an absolutely good thing. Don’t be afraid to share your problems with the people around you. Contact the people who love you most and tell them all about your problem. Don’t keep a potential life threatening issue such as this bottled up to yourself and held secretly. The more momentum you place behind you, the better your chances of success.