How To Slim Without Dieting

For many people, it’s probably a lot simpler to change your religious believes than it is to quit eating comfortably and eating delicious foods that you enjoy. One of the reasons people jump from diet to diet is because of a wide number of reasons, for example cost, taste of food or hunger satisfaction. I am often asked “How can you trim down without dieting?”. I have compiled a list of solutions below to help you achieve this task.

Get Slim Key #1 – Cut Food Portions. I guarantee of you can reduce the amount of food you eat by 10 to 20% you will soon see a difference in your waist line. When eating food in restaurants it’s normally served in larger portions. This is how they justify the price and keep you coming back for more. At home we feel the need to fill up all the space on our plates and eat everything that sits on it. Try pulling out the measuring cups and be more alert to quantity of servings.

Get Slim Key #2 – Control Your Environment. If you go out with your friends do those popular “eat all you can” buffets, you’ll feel the need to do exactly that. For most of us we want to get our money’s worth. If you have plans on going to one of these places and you want to control your quantity, eat a healthy and filling low calorie snack before you arrive or drink plenty of water before and after your meal.

Get Slim Key #3 – Be careful with liquid calories. It has been concluded in modern studies that children get overweight from drinking too many sodas and juices. These affects are no different for adults. If you have a favorite drink that you enjoy on a regular basis, do some research and see what the calorie count is. There are many healthy alternatives such as 100% fruit juice, skim milk, and vegetable juice and of course water to keep your thirst satisfied.

Get Skim Key #4 The Fork Trick – It’s a very simple technique but works very well. All you do is put the fork down on the table while you are chewing then pick it up again after you’re ready for your next bite. It’s so simple and it works incredibly well. Give it a try with your next meal and see if it can work for you.

Get Slim Key #5 Moderate Fasting. Normally when you hear about the subject of fasting, it’s something that’s done religiously. However, there are many results to this practice. Not only does it reduce the amount of calories you consume, but it also helps to detoxify your body. Make sure you drink lots of water in order for this process to work properly.

Get Slim Key #6 – Live With Not Feeling Full. Sometimes you just have to train your body not to expect so much food on a daily basis. This can be a challenge for some but taking action is what gets the process started. Once your body gets used to this process, weight loss is just around the corner.

Get Slim Key #7 – Smaller Dishes. As mentioned earlier, we fill the need to eat everything on our plate. If we use smaller plate we are forced to eat less and are unlikely to go back for seconds.

Get Slim key #8 – Eat Breakfast Every Day.  People who have successfully lost weight and kept it of know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It’s commonly and wrongfully thought among many that skipping breakfast is a great way to cut calories. Normally when people do this they snack more throughout the day. Studies also suggest that people who eat a good breakfast have a better BMI. Great breakfast examples include cereal flakes with fruits on tip, cereal with yogurt, oat meal with cinnamon, or whole grain cereals.

Get Slim Key #9 – Discover Why You Overeat. Whenever you’re trying to fix a problem, you first need to investigate and discover the root cause. This same thing goes for discovering why you overeat in the first place. You might have to go to a health professional or perhaps sit down with a person who will care enough to tell you things honestly.

Get Slim Key #10 – Do Not Eat In front of The TV.  Eating in front of the TV or computer normally causes you to lose focus on eating and focus more on what you’re doing or watching to keep you entertained. Of course you don’t think about portioning out or doing fork practices hen in this sort of trance.  If you can, try to make these areas off limits to food. If you must eat in front of a TV or computer, stay focused in following all the steps listed above.

Now that you have these ten key pieces of advice on how to slim, without dieting, what does this mean for you? For a start it means you don’t have to follow any diets – you now have more freedom. Plus you won’t waste money on the latest diet fad, book or DVD. I have given you a complete set of techniques that will make your body slimmer. It’s up to you to try them, will you?