How to lose weight fast

Well done! You’re here, which suggests you’re in a great hurry to lose weight - fast and effortlessly! Luckily, you have come to the right place to discover some of the many things you can do to increase your rapid weight

loss. Naturally, you do not want to compromise your health and well-being, just because you want to look fantastic, now do you?

Having said that, I have discovered that there are some weight-loss programmes that while not entirely agreed upon by nutritionists, still seem to be much safer and more effective than using suspect diet pills or by starving yourself. Here is a reliable way to shed unwanted pounds and inches quickly, but I don’ t suggest you make a habit of this, as this method is for fast, efficient and proven weight loss for a special occasion like a wedding or a special event or party.

My suggestion is a diet that has been around for almost 30 years and works extremely well and is called the Cabbage Soup Diet, although not new, it most certainly works.

The main reason why this diet is so effective is because your body utilises more energy and hence calories to assimilate cabbage than the amount of calories that it derives from cabbage itself whilst digesting it. This is what’s called a negative calorie diet. I am sure you have heard the same said of celery and that rapid weight loss can be achieved by eating loads of the stuff, simply because the body burns more calories digesting it then what is actually contained in both celery and cabbage. However, you and I know that you would be very weak by the end of the day, if you tried to survive on just celery alone, that’s why the cabbage soup diet is so amazing.

Cabbage is extremely high in fibre whilst very low in calories and because of this, it helps you to feel satiated and full, much more so than if you would were you to nibble on celery and vegetables or to consume just fruit juice all day long.

There are some really wonderful recipes for making cabbage soup, but here’s the basic one to get started right away. Have fun and experiment with this recipe by adding a few extra herbs and spices for your personal taste. The soup usually consists of cabbage, onions, bell-peppers, mushrooms, carrots, celery, salt and pepper.

For 7 days you are required to eat the soup – as much as you want. However, you can also supplement this diet with the following foods.

DAY ONE :Whilst consuming as much soup as you want, you may also supplement this day with as much raw fruit as you want. But without bananas. Herbal tea, cranberry juice and water are also recommended.

DAY TWO: Raw and cooked vegetables are permitted in any quantity. But without peas, corn or beans. You should not use any sauces on your veggies containing fats or butter. However for dinner on day two you may have one baked potato with butter. You may consume as much soup as you want throughout the day

DAY THREE: Today you can repeat the diet from day two with as much fruit and vegetables as you want, but again without any fatty sauces or butter, plus as much soup as you want. However NO baked potato for dinner on day three.

DAY FOUR: Supplementing all the soup you want, you are also permitted to drink as much skimmed milk as you want, as well as eating up to EIGHT bananas.

DAY FIVE: Are you seeing the weight drop off yet? Cos you’re going to love day five!

Today apart from all the soup you can eat, you can also enjoy ten to twenty ounces of beef or skinless chicken or grilled fish. You can supplement this with up to six fresh tomatoes and remember that you should also have at least eight glasses of water as well.

DAY SIX: On day six, as well as the soup, you can eat as much beef, vegetables and cabbage soup you want. But note that you may not substitute the beef for chicken or fish and you are not to have a baked potato either.

DAY SEVEN: Are you seeing the results? Today you can have a good portion of brown rice, all the vegetables you want and as much unsweetened fruit juice as you desire. Along with this you must have at least one bowl of cabbage soup too!

Please bear in mind, that the Cabbage Soup Diet is NOT recommended for long-term use. Before starting with any diet or weight reduction program, please make an appointment with your doctor, physician or nutritionist before trying it. This is just one method you can try to lose weight fast.