How to increase and speed up your metabolism?

If you really want to increase and speed up your metabolism, it’s probably because you have heard that this will help you to lose those pesky and unwanted pounds and inches. You are so ready to slip into your most

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flattering and favourite clothes and want to step out feeling very proud of the way you look. If this is the case, then I have some really good news for you. By taking a few simple actions you can certainly increase and speed up your metabolism. As you read through this article I have seven sure fire and acknowledged ways that will certainly start burning those calories and start to speed up your metabolism.You will see that these methods are not difficult to apply. All you have to do is just take a bit of time and effort and have a bit of persistence too! Please remember that when you first change any routine or habit, it normally takes about 21 days to secure the new way of doing something. You may have a few up’s and down’s when you initially start but if you just take it day by day and stick to it you will be light years ahead of the masses that usually give up at the first hurdle. The long-term benefits of speeding up and increasing your metabolism far outweigh the initial effort you put into changing the routine or habit you have, that created your weight issue in the first place. Before you start any new diet, nutritional programme or exercise regime it will be wise to consult your GP, physician or nutritionist before starting any weight loss or exercise programme. It’s better to be safe then sorry. With that said, here are the seven sure-fire ways to speed up and increase your metabolism.

1 Eat More Protein. Scientific evidence shows that up to 25% of calories in protein foods may be burned away. However, it is important to appreciate that you cannot eat only vegetables and meat. You need to include some carbohydrates, but the most important ingredient on your plate should be foods rich in protein and vegetables. Remember to have smaller portions of fat and carbohydrate.

2 Eat More Often. Here’s the thing, did you know that 10% or more of the calories we eat are used in the process of digesting and ingesting of our food? By eating more regularly your body will use more calories, and your body will be less likely to fall into “pacing” mode or “starvation” mode. This means, that since your body is receiving food more regularly,it will increase your metabolism and go from slowly burning calories to burning them at a much quicker rate. But the secret here is that you should

1) eat smaller portions/meals.

2) you should consume about five to six times per day.

I recommend that you should determine NOT to eat after seven in the evening as most of that meal will not be digested properly and may be turned into fat.

3) Eat More Spices. If, like me, you enjoy spicy food, then this next suggestion should be good news. Researchers believe that by eating spicy foods such as chilli peppers, it has been suggested that it can speed up your metabolism by as much as 50%, for as long as three hours after you eat! Spices and chilli peppers also increase the heart rate and that’s why you will notice a change in your metabolism.

4 )Drink Green Tea. In recent years Green tea has enjoyed a lot of popularity and for good reason. It contains a very high percentage of antioxidants. By starting to drink green tea in the morning as a substitute for coffee, you will notice that you feel bright and alert. Taking a small cup of green tea in the afternoon will act as a great “pick-me-up” too.

5) Exercise. Starting an exercise programme is tough I know and exercise isn’t always for everyone. But if you start by doing an activity that you like and enjoy, you will probably feel the benefits really quickly and start to love exercise even more. By doing your exercises properly you have energy and vitality. But, by doing resistance exercises with light weights,rubber bands or resistance machines, this is a great way to speed up your metabolism. The importance of resistance exercise is because this adds muscle and muscle requires more energy to sustain than fat does. By having lean muscle on your frame, your metabolism will run more efficiently and quicker. Resistance exercise will not bulk you up unless you overdo it. Together with this, take a little aerobic exercise which also burns calories efficiently and strengthens your heart.

6 )Saunas. By enjoying a sauna, you are slowing heating up your body and consequently you may be able to increase and speed up the metabolism. In some cases it has been noted that you can raise the metabolism by as much as 20% due to the rise in temperature and the activity of being in a sauna. It is most important that prior to taking a sauna you check with your doctor or physician.

7) CLA Supplementation. CLA stands for Conjugated Linoleic Acid and is a natural substance you can take as a supplement. It is found in most good health food stores and helps to increase muscle while exercising. Remember having lean muscle in the body speeds up and increases the metabolism.