How PMS Can Speed Up The Metabolism And Weight Loss

It has come to be known that PMS or Premenstrual Syndrome, which is a major annoyance for many women can actually be a benefit in helping many when it comes to losing weight. PMS is a 28 day pattern of different mood swings, attitudes and physical changes that happen between ovulation and the end of the menstruation leading into the cyclical changes in the levels of ovarian hormones. These affects are more noticeable throughout a woman’s entire life right up to the point of menopause, but after she reaches menopause, these affects disappear.

It has been discovered that during PMS, hormones are released which actually causes one’s metabolism to increase. Two hormones only found in women, called estrogen and progesterone are at their maximum during the two weeks prior to commencing the menstrual period.  These two hormones have the positive side effect of increasing a woman’s metabolism causing her to burn more fat. In some cases, it’s up to 30 percent higher than normal. It’s definitely a good idea to take full advantage of this phenomenon by increasing your daily activities and exercising as much as possible so that you can burn off calories and increase fat loss effort during this time of the month.

When you have recognized this time frame and trying your best to take advantage of it, it’s highly recommended not to rely on the scale to judge your efforts because it could cause some discouragement. The reason why is because water retention is also increased during this time of the month. Of course it’s only temporary, but it does on average add 3 to 5 pounds do your body weight which will hide any results you are achieving in your weight loss efforts.

But there is also another factor to consider when increasing your efforts during this time of the month. You may be susceptible to food fads because your appetite increases and you have cravings for certain high sugar or high salty foods more than normal. It goes without saying that giving in to these cravings can cause more harm than good and it will be up to you to take action on resisting painful temptations. The best expert advice that I can give to combat this problem is following the 5 to 6 small meals per day regime which works extremely well during this phase. This makes sure your stomach stays full throughout the day and resisting snacks in-between meals will not be so hard.

PMS is sometimes a complicating factor for women trying to lose weight, but, by understanding the mechanisms, you can take advantage of the time of the month positively and minimize any negative factors.