Discover The Best Exercise For Weight Loss

If you’re going to be going to the gym on a regular basis, you want to be doing exercises that are going to help you reach your target weight loss goals as quickly and efficiently as possible. When getting started, it’s best to get your health evaluated and set forth a plan based on your physical needs and body type so that you have the perfect balance of increasing your heart rate and endurance but not overdoing it. Here are a handful of ideas of affective exercises to help you reach your personal goals.


Lunges are an exercise that helps you in a variety of ways. It’s a great core exercise and also improves posture, builds endurance and incorporates the use of free weights. It can be done at home or in the gym in a variety of positions which really challenges your body so that you can burn calories.

In time you can increase resistance by using more weight or simply stepping out further. This is a simple exercise that many athletes love to take advantage of no matter what their goal is.

Full Squats

You don’t have to be interested in building up your legs in order to benefit from this exercise. It’s a great exercise for targeting the gluts and if you’re a woman, it does wonders if you’re looking to have that sexy hour glass figure.

Interval Running Sprints

This is what’s known as a metabolic burst exercise and this is great for increasing your metabolism. For some people, it’s easier than just running at a continuous pace for a long period of time and it can have improved benefits as well. It targets fat loss more specifically and even continues to burn fat once the workout is over. Mostly you see men doing this kind of workout, but it would be such a benefit to women.

Plank On An Exercise Ball

The key to burning calories is to always challenge your body to new and unusual exercises that it takes time to get used to. Balancing yourself on a ball is a perfect example. This move will challenge lots of muscles in your core which alone will cause you to melt away lots of calories. This exercise takes some time to get used to which will benefit you that much more.

The idea behind this exercise is that you are doing exercises that you’d usually do but you’re doing them on a ball instead of the floor. This causes your body to be off balance which triggers hundreds of muscle fibers in your core area to work hard to keep you stable.

What makes these exercises affective is that they work many muscle groups in the body and not just one or two, and the more muscles you can get to participate, the better of a workout you will receive. The other benefit is that they are easy and don’t have to be done in a gym.