Could Breathing Properly Help You Lose Weight?

When trying to lose weight it’s important to be educated and not make it harder on yourself than it has to be. There are very easy things you can do to assist you in reaching your goals faster with a little less effort. One of those things is something you do 24 hours per day 7 days per week and there’s a pretty good chance you’re not doing it properly. It’s breathing. Breathing is not only the source of oxygen to the cells, tissue and organs in your body, but it’s also responsible for removing waste from the body. In fact, you lose about 70% of toxic waste from the body from just breathing.

For some people that are overweight, it gets harder and harder for them to lose weight the fatter they get. That’s because body fat can change your standing or sitting posture. Even incorrect posture while you’re sleeping can affect your breathing. This is very important because you must have the correct posture in order to breathe correctly. It’s even more important when you’re exercising because your muscles need vast amounts of oxygen in order to deal with the extra load.

Take into consideration, that many foods are processed, packed with ingredients that the body regards as toxins. For some people, they experience food allergy reactions, which can express itself in a variety of symptoms. One of which is shallow breathing. When you’re engaged in shallow breathing, the body is not taking in enough oxygen for metabolic processes to work optimally. This is important to realise because the secret to almost effortless weight loss is speeding up your metabolism – and breathing properly plays a role in helping you lose weight.

It’s a fact that when fat cells mix with oxygen it turns into liquid and enters the blood stream where it eventually reaches your kidneys and gets excreted as waste or even through your mouth and nose as carbon dioxide. You must alertly posture yourself correctly so that your diaphragm can fully expand and fully contract. This means that each breath you take gives you the maximum amount of oxygen. In the long run this increases your metabolism so that you’ll burn fat cells much faster.

You can practice breathing by sitting up or standing up straight and taking a deep inhale. Keep in mind that a full inhale can take about 5 seconds. Also make sure you exhale through your mouth so that you can eliminate toxins quickly and take another breath.  A great technique you can use in order to benefit from correct breathing is to practice taking deep breaths and exhaling through the mouth. Do it consciously for about 5 to 10 minutes immediately before beginning your workout. Incorrect breathing tends to be a problem for pregnant women as well. Ironically they can benefit from this even more than someone trying to lose weight as well as boosting the metabolism.