5 Reasons Why Women Must Exercise With Weights

You will often hear the phrase from women that they don’t like to lift weights because they don’t want to bulk up. It is very hard to bulk up, even for men. You will often see men taking supplements such as protein shakes and creatine so that they can get the edge they need in order to bulk up. And more often than not, most men are still unsuccessful due to a lack of discipline or understanding on how to take supplements. With that being said, it is much harder and almost impossible for women to bulk up and create the muscularity we often see with men. They simply don’t have enough testosterone which makes it easier for men to exercise and push weights harder than a woman can, hence building bulk and muscle. It gives the men the ability to recover faster and their muscles heal faster so that they can do more reps and sets required to build muscle.

Below I will list five reasons why women should add weight lifting and resistance training to their schedule.

Reason #1 Lean muscle mass will increase but it does not always mean size, it will increase in density as well. Women desiring to lose weight don’t initially want to just be lighter on the scale, they want to look sexy and have more curves so that they can fit into that sexy dress.

Reason #2 Muscle burns fat and having more muscle mass means that you will speed up your metabolism. This benefits women in a number of ways. It means they will get more results out of their workout routine sooner than later because the more muscles you have, the more fat cells they will burn off during cardio as well as weight training and this in turn helps the metabolism.

Reason # 3 Having more muscle gives you more energy and makes you physically feel better. You feel lighter and have more pep in your step. This means you can get more things done during the day and be much more productive.

Reason # 4 When you have a high metabolism, it means that you can eat more and not worry about gaining weight. Everyone has met people that can eat whatever they want and seem to never gain a pound. This is because their metabolism is high. Muscles burn a lot of energy which means less is available to get stored as fat. Your body is a much more productive machine when you have a high metabolism.

Reason #5 Strength training alone has a big benefit over just cardio training. Once you finish a good strength training workout, you continue to burn calories for up to 24 hours after it’s complete while your muscles recover. Your body has this same affect with cardio but it only lasts for 30 minutes to an hour after your workout is complete. So add strength training to your weight loss programme and watch how you define a leaner slimmer shape.

Now that you know the benefits to strength training, it’s time to put a plan into action to what workout will be best for you. Purchase some DVDs or books that are tailored more towards women or hire a personal trainer to help you develop an action plan, improve your fitness, shape your body and lose weight into the bargain.