10 Weight Loss Myths Exposed

Myth #1  Foods labeled “reduced fat” can help you lose weight – This is simply a marketing gimmick for suspecting weight loss aspiring victims. Just because something is reduced in fat doesn’t mean it’s not still extremely high in fat. Also, the fat may only be reduced by a tenth of a gram in order for a company to change its label and market it as reduced fat. Also, it’s not just fat in food that makes you gain weight. Your body turns sugar into fat as well.

Myth # 2  Drinking water may aid in shrinking your waistline. This is simply a myth that many misinterprets to think that drinking water alone can cause a person to lose weight. Drinking water keeps you hydrated which is critical at all times especially during exercise and you’ll have more energy during exercise so that you can work more intensely. However drinking 10 to 12 glasses of water a day alone with no other dieting techniques will not cause you to lose weight. Also, water does an excellent job of warding off hunger cravings so that you’ll eat less.

Myth #3   Stop Snacking and the pounds will start falling off. This only holds true if you’re eating lots of calorie laden foods such as ice cream, chocolate cake and potato chips. However, eating the right snacks between meals such as fruits and vegetables is actually very good for your weight loss goals. Eating the right snacks insure that you get the energy you need as well as the nutrition. It’s also extremely critical to boosting your metabolism.

Myth #4  The best way to lose weight is by skipping meals. Skipping meals is the worst thing you can do on a diet. It’s very uncomfortable and your body will have negative reactions. You’ll suffer in your daily routines because your body does its best to conserve energy which makes you tired and less focused. This is a known state called a fasting state. It’s the same state that everyone is in as soon as they wake up in the morning. Your metabolism is lowered over time and you are subject to weight gain, not weight loss.

Myth #5  Dramatically reducing your calorie intake works. This is definitely a myth because your body needs a certain amount of calories in order to operate normally on a daily basis. You’ll be torturing yourself for no reason and any results you do receive are insured to be short term because as soon as you finish the diet, your body will restore itself back to normal. Starving yourself from calories for a long period of time can also cause you to suffer from malnutrition.

Myth #6  Gut wrenching exercises shrink your gut. Even though you can lose weight faster by exercising as hard as you can, it’s very hard to maintain. One of the reason s people quit is because they are too hard on themselves and want to see results fast. It’s about exercising smarter, not harder. Pace yourself and stick to it. Have a long term perspective if you want to see results.

Myth #7  Eating healthy is expensive. When following a weight loss diet, you don’t need to buy expensive health shakes, protein bars or pre-prepared diet meals. You must also stop eating from fast food joints and vending machines and replace these foods with fruit and vegetables. Also instead of drinking soda, just drink water. Follow these suggestions and you’ll find yourself losing weight and saving money.

Myth # 8  Diet pills help you to lose weight. It does not take expensive diet pill supplements making false promises to lose weight. For example you can have the energy you need to get a good work out just from drinking water the way you should. Many people have had health complications from taking diet pills so always do your research and don’t assume just because it’s being sold on retail shelves that it’s safe.

Myth #9  You should buy margarine and not butter. For many years, it has been thought that margarine is better for your weight loss goals than butter because margarine may have less saturated fat than butter, thus allowing the sellers to market . Bu the truth is that margarine has more hydrogenated fats then butter which could have a long lasting effect on your heart. Margarine has as much potential to make you gain weight as butter if used irresponsibly.

Myth #10  Carbs make you gain belly fat. This is not true. Your body needs a certain amount of carbohydrates everyday in order to function properly. The low carb diet was created before a vast amount of knowledge about the glycolic index ever existed. Carbohydrates are converted to glucose and glucose is needed by every sell in your body, check out the glycemic index and see for yourself. Sacrificing carbs means sacrificing energy.