10 Fast And Very Easy Slimming Tips

Anyone will tell you that losing weight is extremely difficult. There is so much information out there about miracle diets, how to diet and exercise and what supplements to take and not take that most people forget the basics. In this article we will outline and bring to light the top 10 most important tips everyone should follow when trying to lose weight but often forget.

Slimming Tip #1: Drinking Water – Everyone knows that we should be drinking at least 2 liters of water per day. It’s even more critical for someone trying to lose weight because as your body begins to burn fat, your fat cells release toxins and you need water to transport those toxins out of the body. Also, when many people are thirsty, they tend to think they are hungry and will choose to eat instead of drink. Drinking lots of water per day will help avoid consuming unnecessary calories.

Slimming Tip #2 Evening Tea – Many people following a diet tend to eat dinner many hours before bedtime. This gives you time to fully digest food and have time to burn calories instead of immediately going to sleep and letting those calories turn into fat. Because of this, many of us get hunger cravings right before going to bed and look for a late night snack. A proven solution to this is to drink your favorite tea before going to bed. Tea makes you feel satisfied and has very little to no calories.

Slimming Tip #3 Resist Temptation – It’s like the old saying, No pain, no gain. Sometimes the best way to avoid putting extra unneeded calories into your body is the old fashioned way. Just by using will power.  If you feel yourself craving that slice of chocolate cake or a spam and mayonnaise sandwich, just wait 15 minutes before you give into your urges and lots of times you’ll suddenly find those cravings flying away.

Slimming Tip #4 Eat More Often – The benefit to eating 5 to 6 small meals per day instead of 3 large meals per day is you keep your stomach full throughout the day with less hunger cravings and this also causes your metabolism to increase.

Slimming Tip #5 Eat A Big Breakfast – They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day because when you wake up in the morning you’re body is in a calorie conserving fasting state. That’s how it received its name. Eating a big breakfast breaks that fasting state and gives you the energy you need to burn calories throughout the day.

Slimming Tip #6 Exercising in the morning after breakfast is the perfect time because you are fresh and you’ve just eaten a big meal so you’ll have more energy to burn more calories and speed up your metabolism.

Slimming tip #7 Plan to Cheat – Dieting does not mean you must always torture yourself. This is why people quit and don’t succeed. After you’ve worked hard and achieved your short term goals, take a break once or twice per week. Enjoy an apple pie or a double Whopper with cheese and bacon. This will keep you satisfied and avoids boredom and eventually quitting.

Slimming Tip #8 Keep Trying – The only failure that does not lead to success is the one that makes you quit. It’s important to learn from your mistakes and make corrections. Procrastination is a part of nature. It’s what makes us different from robots. Don’t be too hard on yourself, get up and try again.

Slimming Tip #9 Always Exercise – Strength training is just as important as cardio exercising even if you are a woman. Muscle is what burns fat and if you only do cardio, then up to 50% of the weight you lose will be muscle. Be sure to include strength training in your workout goals.

Slimming Tip #10 – Don’t Just Strength Train – Many people think that fat turns into muscle, but that’s not true. If you want to lose body fat and look sexy you must do both at the same time. If you strength train only, you will build lean muscle under your fat and actually gain weight. You need to do both so that you’re replacing your fat with sexy looking lean muscles.