Yoga and Weight Loss

Yoga is renowned for enhancing a participant’s body flexibility, muscle tone, posture, and mental state, if they stick with it for a decent length of time. Many have asked whether yoga can assist weight loss; it appears certain brands of yoga can achieve this goal.

To shed weight, it is important to maintain a healthy diet and refrain from too many fattening carbohydrates and saturated fats. It’s also imperative to burn calories through frequent, sensible exercise; burning more calories than the number consumed is the key to weight loss.

Exercise allows people to work off superfluous calories, and the most beneficial forms of exercise also increase the heart-rate and improve blood flow; such activities are grouped under the umbrella term ‘cardiovascular exercise,’ because they benefit the heart and the circulation.

Activities which fall under the cardiovascular exercise umbrella include cycling, dancing, football, jogging, skiing, swimming, and racquet sports such as squash and badminton. Any activity that requires a decent amount a period for twenty minutes or more can cut calories and help people lose weight.

Yoga is commonly perceived as a fairly mellow pursuit – employing slow, graceful actions to enhance flexibility and promote a relaxed, balanced mindset. However, those who want a more vigorous type of yoga can get their fix through Ashtanga, from the school of Vinyasa; this branch of yoga incorporates up to 75 separate poses, one segueing into the next, and can take more than 90 minutes to complete. You may be too busy to take on the full routine, but just 30 minutes day, even every other day, can noticeably improve your general health, your mental attitude, and your body shape.

An even more demanding variant is known as Power yoga, a westernised take on the exercise with extra intensity and fewer set routines. This style has been encouraged in America and has become part of the keep-fit routine for many celebrities. Power yoga classes can differ considerably from teacher to teacher; some are very similar to a tough gym session. If you blend strenuous yoga with some other types of aerobic exercise, you’re almost certain to shed weight – unless you’re eating too much.

Yoga’s fitness and slimming benefits touch the whole body, so it’s more effective than routines which simply trim a couple of inches off the waist. Yoga also inculcates improved self-confidence and peace of mind, so it can reduce the depression that can sometimes be triggered by weight gain. The confident and purposeful attitude nurtured by yoga can be almost as important as the physical benefits the exercise provides.

The Vinyasa style of movement and breath-linked poses can work off calories, especially if combined with other forms of exercise, and it provides a good means of losing weight while keeping the body supple.