Five Clever Ways To Boost The Intensity Of Your Workout Program

As you proceed with your workout programme, it’ll soon become imperative to find small of increasing the overall intensity of your fitness sessions.

Remember that, if your body doesn’t continue to reach maximum exertion during your workouts, it’s unlikely that you’ll continue to see genuine gains.

This overloading stimulus, that little extra stress the body has never experienced before, will drive it to become stronger, faster, and leaner – just the gains you are looking for.

Let’s take a quick peek at five top tips to boost the intensity of your exercise sessions, so you can get on track to results.

Add More Reps

One of the principal means of increasing the intensity of your workout is simply to introduce reps to each set you take on. So, rather than repeating the six reps you completed last session, you opt to take it up a notch and complete eight reps.

If you do this regularly enough, eventually your body will be able to handle more volume overall, so you’ll start seeing gains.

However, it’s important to ensure you don’t just increase the reps over and over again without thinking. Once you get beyond twelve to fifteen reps, you’re unlikely to see any further gains by increasing the length of your sets further.

Decrease Your Rest

Another way to raise the level of intensity in your workout programme is to reduce the rest breaks you’re taking. So, rather than taking a full minute-long break between each set, try keeping it to thirty seconds or so.

This will really elevate the heart rate as well, so your total calorie output will rise with each workout that you do.

Pair Your Exercises Back To Back

Think about breaking up your workout regime into pairs of exercises. So, for example, rather than doing leg extensions and then taking a break before starting hamstring curls, you can start the curls as soon as you’ve finished the leg extension exercise.

Once the pair of exercises is complete, then you can break and begin again.

Increase The Weight

Without doubt the single most effective way of raising the intensity and enhancing your progress is to raise the weight you lift. Most people will begin by increasing the reps at a given weight; then, once they hit ten or twelve reps, they move over and increase the weight.

You don’t have to do it this way; when you feel as if you could increase the weight on a particular machine, make sure you do so. This will provide a real stimulus for success. Don’t let yourself fall into the trap of thinking that light weight means better ‘toning’ – this isn’t the case. You will see far greater benefit from asking the body new questions and elevating that overall rep range.

Drop The Weight

The final way to boost your workout intensity is to actually drop the weight. Now you might be feeling confused; first you’re supposed to increase the weight, now you’re being told to drop it!

The idea here is that you start doing drop sets. With these, you carry out one set at your normal given weight, then, once that’s complete, you immediately reduce the weight by around five pounds and then start a second set.

Once that set is finished, you should then drop the weight again and go for a third set.

By doing this you’ll really see the metabolism increase, and you’ll start to see much better overall fat burning gains.

So keep these quick tips in mind next time you’re in the gym, looking to boost your intensity and progress towards your goal.