Finding Slimming Exercises You Enjoy

Most people tend to carry on doing the things that make them happy. As women, we tend to build our career path around the things that bring personal satisfaction. Our hobbies are pursuits or activities we draw excitement or satisfaction from. For many of us, the thought of an exercise programme is instantly off-putting, and we feel compelled to force ourselves to engage. Quite often we understand the benefits physical exertion can bring, but still can’t find it in themselves to enjoy their weight-loss workout.

Our Ancestors Didn’t Need Gyms

Many moons ago this wasn’t a problem. In fact, if you wanted a meal you had to get off your backside to hunt or farm it. People lived off the land and excess food was sold or traded to provide other staples of daily life. The whole family was involved, and obesity wasn’t a major consideration. Our forefathers didn’t have time to slouch in front of the telly and snack on Bon Bon’s while the world carried on around them. Their exercise was daily and painstakingly clear on their tanned bodies and rough hands, thanks to months of backbreaking toil in the fields. But they were slimmer, stronger and could walk for long periods without feeling tired.

The Fat Facts of Technology

We’ve become spoiled and slightly slack, as much of the world around us is now controlled by technology. Most of us don’t have to scavenge for supper or grow enough produce to last an entire year. And as the times have changed, we now to have find ways of squeezing exercise into our lives. What was once necessary, daily physical exertion has now become an optional chore, hard to balance with our already busy and sometimes hectic daily routine. What fun is that?

Fun Goes Further

Now here’s where the real change appears. It’s not that we have evolved and don’t have to fight so much for food; it’s the need to find enjoyable ways of carrying out slimming exercises, so we keep doing them. Because we’re spoiled, if we don’t like something we don’t keep doing it!

Once you begin to change your perception of exercise, cramming it into general life doesn’t become such an issue. It’s like scrapbooking; every lady who loves to scrapbook will find the time for it, even with a full-time job by day and husband and kids demanding attention at night. In the same way, if you find a pleasurable way to exercise, you’ll be more inclined to make time for it.

If you have a more competitive edge, you could join a sports league or even create a new team with mates or work colleagues. Those who love socialising and nattering might like to invite a couple of friends for a night-time walk with the girls. Catch up on the latest gossip while you burn off that excess weight! You can certainly join an array of classes at a gym, sign up for membership at a dance studio or even provide coaching support for your kids’ sports team. There are plenty of ways to spice up the hum-drum experience of working out by transforming it into something to enjoy and relish.