Efficient Exercises for Weight Loss

As you embark on your slimming regime, you’ll want to consider which are the most effective exercises for your personal programme. Far too many people spend hours in the gym performing exercises that really aren’t going to have the desired effect – and then they wonder why they aren’t seeing the results they’re after.

By initially spending a little time working out what will deliver the most ‘bang for your buck’ in terms of time investment, you can be sure that you get off to a solid start.

Let’s quickly examine at the best weight loss exercises that you should embark on today.


When it comes to hitting the lower body, you really can’t get better than a lunge. Lunges can be done at home or in a gym, so regardless of where you like to work out, you’ll have no trouble fitting them into your routine. The further you step away from the standing leg while lunging, the more you’ll home in on the hamstrings and glute muscles – so keep that in mind when determining how you wish to carry out the movement.

Another good option for the lower body is reverse lunges, which challenge you to walk in the opposite direction – this will pose a real challenge to your agility as well.

Full Squats

The second exercise you’ll want to incorporate into your workout for a sexy, curvy backside is the full squat. By going all the way down through this movement, you’ll bring those glute muscles into play much more effectively, really zoning in on that saddleback area.

Interval Running Sprints

If fat burning is key for you, interval running sprints should be on your list of exercises to try. These are idea for burning fat because they will speed up your metabolism for several hours, even after you’ve finished doing the exercise, therefore helping quicken up the entire process.

For optimum gains, aim for intervals of 20-30 seconds with 60-second rests introduced into each workout between six and 10 times.

Plank On An Exercise Ball

Finally, the last of the key exercises for weight loss is the plank on an exercise ball. The standard plank exercise is extremely effective for working all the muscles that run throughout the core of the body – and when you introduce an exercise ball, the process intensifies.

Since the ball will throw you off balance to a considerable degree, every single one of those muscle fibres will have to squeeze that much harder.

Be patient when first taking on this movement, as it can take some time to get accustomed to. With a bit of practice, it’s perfectly feasible to perform it perfectly in a week or two’s time.

So keep these exercises in mind and make sure that they are firmly established within your workout regime. The more muscle groups you can work at any given instant, the better the progress you’re going to see.