5 Powerful Reasons Why Women Should Exercise With Weights

It’s a common belief that women shouldn’t work out with weights. You usually hear ladies saying things like, “I don’t want to bulk up” or “I don’t want a man’s physique”. Yet nothing could be more removed from the truth. If you use them sensibly, exercising with weights is among the most effective ways you can improve your figure.

First, let’s examine the reasons why women won’t bulk up like men if they begin weight training. It’s a proven fact that men produce more testosterone than women – that’s why they’re able to develop more bulk. Women do not have the natural capacity to produce sufficient amounts of testosterone to bulk up like men can.

Why is it such a good idea for women to train with weights? Well, when women use weights, they will put on more lean muscle mass. The positive result is that there will be less room for fat to settle around your body.

The second reason is that, because you have more muscle on your body, your metabolism will quicken up. It’s vital that you speed up your metabolism, because the faster it runs, the more calories you’ll work off. You’ve no doubt encountered people who could consume practically whatever they wanted and not put on weight. The reason? Their super-speed metabolism.

The third reason why it is sensible for women to train with weights is that, by increasing your lean muscle mass and cutting down body fat, you’ll add more of those killer curves and improve your appearance. Younger women’s bodies tend to include more lean muscle, that’s why they have a youthful looking figure. You’ll look better in your clothing and turn more heads when you work out with weights.

Let’s look at the fourth reason working with weights is so useful. Weight training will give you added strength, endurance and energy – this will boost your confidence. We could all use a little more confidence, couldn’t we? And just think of what you could accomplish if you possessed more energy during the day!

The fifth reason women should exercise with weights is that it will help to combat depression. Let’s face facts – life is full of ups and downs. And when you’re engaged in a weight loss program, it can be tough cutting out those delicious foods and having to keep up a rigid exercise program. By exercising with weights, you can feel good about yourself, and enthusiastic about life.

Now that you realise why it makes so much sense to exercise with weights, the next step is to exercise with a trainer, or gain more information from books, DVDs and online sources – so you can maximise the benefits it provides.