10 Of The Best Cardio Workouts for Women

Every woman is unique, and what suits one person may not be the best solution for another. This is particularly true when it comes to creating a tailored workout regime. Fortunately for us, there are many different exercises which can go into the ideal cardio workout, no matter what shape our body is, which activities we prefer or what level of fitness we are at.

Let’s examine my top 10 ideas for cardio workouts for women.

1. Walking, Jogging & Running

Because these three are essentially the same action, peformed at different speeds, I’ll group them together. You don’t need any special equipment, other than a good pair of comfortable shoes, and people at any physical level can benefit from this type of cardio workout. In addition, you don’t need a exclusive or particular place to walk, jog or run. Take a leisurely walk around town, or plan a route around the local shopping centre. If you can get to a gym, utilise their stationary machines as well. You’re going to work all major muscle groups simultaneously, and achieve your target heart rate at the same time.

2. Cycling

Whether you use a 10-speed bike of your own, or the static bikes in the gym, you can get your heart moving by cycling. This form of exercise provides the same benefits as walking, jogging or sprinting, but now you can adjust the terrain and degree of difficulty to suit you. Many local parks have cycling trails. Clip on your iPod, stick on your favorite track and pedal away!

3. Swimming

This cardio activity also works all the major muscle groups, but it’s a lot of fun you won’t even feel as if you’re working out. Do a couple of warm-up lengths at a more gentle pace, then quicken it up for one or two lengths and then bring it back down. Most gyms have indoor pools available if you can’t get to a community pool, or if the weather doesn’t allow outdoor swimming.

4. Dancing

Again, no extra equipment needed! You can throw a dance party in your own home, and get a hugely enjoyable cardio workout. Boogie around to your favorite tunes, or take a look at one of those dance workout videos. Don’t forget to visit your local gym, community centre or dance studio to get the lowdown on new dance steps as well! You can do this on your own, or even as a family activity. Kids love to get their groove on!

5. Jumping Rope

This will certainly get your body moving, and you only need a jump rope to do it. Take it fast, slow, straight forward, crossways, double jump – or a blend of everything! You’ll never run out of options with a jump rope exercise, especially if you set it to music!

6. Hiking

Like cycling, you get the advantages of walking, jogging and running here, with the added benefit of terrain inclines. If you enjoy the outdoors, check out some of the local parks and nature trails for different places to explore. The beautiful scenery will unclutter your mind as well as getting your heart rate up!

7. Stair Stepping

If you’d love to reap the benefits of hiking, but prefer to do your exercise indoors, jump on a stair stepper, raise the incline and start moving!

8. Elliptical Trainer

Again, for those who prefer exercising indoors, an elliptical trainer provides a great option. These will work your entire body from top to toe, pushing all the major muscle groups and really getting the blood flowing. The elliptical trainer is a static machine which allows you to replicate a walking, running or jogging motion, and adjust the resistance to reflect your individual level of endurance. In addition, your arms are receive a decent workout from the movement of the trainer’s handles.

9. Squash, Tennis & Other Sports

Pick a sport which you really enjoy and doesn’t allow to slacken off for more than a few seconds. Invite your friends or family to play, join a community team or find new friends at the gym to take part.

10. Bodyweight Exercises

No equipment is required for these, because the resistance is provided by your own body weight. You’ll receive the benefits of strength training and cardio, all wrapped into one with the addition of lunges, squats and push-ups.

Many of these workouts are particularly good for women, because a lot of us like to socialise while exercising. Whatever your individual preference, this list should allow you to create the ideal cardio workout routine for your needs, circumstances and lifestyle!