Why Healthy Foods for Weight Loss Can Become Unhealthy Foods that Block Weight Loss

It’s completely amazing how often you hear people gripe and fuss about eating healthy foods while dieting and exercising yet, those unwanted pounds didn’t move an inch or even worse they gained a few pounds!. Looking at the problem a bit more closely, and you’ll see that 9 times out 10, “slimmers” are turning healthy foods into unhealthy foods that are sabotaging their weight loss efforts. More often than not, you’ll find that they add the unnoticeable stuff to these meals that just make things go all wrong.  In the following paragraphs you’ll see plenty of examples that can turn into high calorie disasters.

Let’s look at salads for our first example, at an initial look, you’d say of course salads are healthy and good for you; you’ve heard that all your life even before you were overweight.  But when you start adding loads of salad dressing deli meats, toppings like cheese, bacon croutons and other such additions,  you’d be better off just eating a double big Mac from McDonalds.  Now don’t misunderstand what I am saying. You are given a small window to satisfy your taste buds. If you choose to add lean meats, low fat salad dressing and really place a limit on low fat cheese. Don’t be deceived to think that salad is salad no matter what. Salads are only as good as the toppings you place on top of it.

Cereal bars are also heavily marketed as a great snack between meals alternative. The problem with many of the cereal bars is they are just candy bars in disguise. The ratio of sugar, corn syrup and other delicious ingredients insure that a suspecting weight loss enthusiast will buy it. At the end of the day it’s all about what’s going to make these companies money. There are good cereal bars out there but you must take the time to look at the back of the box and make the wise choice.

Take a nice browse through any local supermarket and you’ll see just how huge the weight loss market is booming. Some stores have designated isles filled with highly priced low fat alternatives. Just because a product is low in fat doesn’t make it good for you. Many manufacturers choose to replace fat sugar in order to make it taste good. Sugar can be addictive to many and it ensures that uneducated dieters will keep coming back for more.

Eating wraps have also become the big fad. Even fast food restaurants are making wraps now. They’ve become very popular for being a great weight loss alternative. However, just like with salads there only as good as the ingredients you put on or inside of them. Cheese, sauces and high calorie meats are big mistakes and just end of screwing up everything.

This is of course not a completed list of answers but hopefully by reading this article you have a little more information on how to keep your foods healthy and avoid turning them into unhealthy foods.