What About Alcohol? And Calories?

It’s a question people ask all the time. “How many calories are in our favourite alcoholic tipple?” That’s a great question because like a lot of people, we like to enjoy a couple of glasses of red wine or even a beer or two after a hard day of work. It’s a habit many of us have.

It has been sad that, having a couple of glasses of red wine per day is considered good for you especially the heart. Given that we are also aware of just how stress can be a killer, perhaps a little drop of alcohol now and then could help diffuse our stress that builds up daily. But, when you want to lose weight, alcohol isn’t terribly good for your weight loss targets

Firstly, we all know that when engaging in some casual drinking, temptation will eventually strike and you are inclined to eat snacks and various salty or sugary foods that will slap on the pounds – especially when you are socialising with friends. You know, you are all in a happy and jovial mood and all it takes is some-one to suggest pizza and it’s going to be very hard to say “no”

Secondly, calories that are present in alcohol are empty and even though you are taking in calories they have no use to the body. When you drink alcohol,  the empty calories in alcohol are metabolised first, prior to the fat and that’s not desirable when you’re on a weight loss program!

Here are a few great tips to try if you want to reduce the intake of calories in alcohol:

Slimming Tip #1: Try giving up alcohol for a week, perhaps even a couple of months, because you will certainly notice just how much faster you can lose the pounds on your way to your target weight

Slimming Tip #2: Be careful though, because if you have been good all week and then go out on a Friday and Saturday night, the temptation to binge will be greater then normal. You will be tempted, so prepare yourself when dealing with temptation. Bear in mind that one binge can undo days or even weeks of your good work and efforts.

Slimming Tip #3: If you decide that you want to drink some alcohol, then ask for it in a 125ml glass because by reducing the size of the glass you adhere to the principle of eating smaller food portions from a smaller plate. Clever huh!

Slimming Tip #4: You can always substitute alcoholic drink for low-calorie soft-drinks or mix your wine with soda or water thereby reducing the empty calories.