5 Proven Slimming Exercise Secrets

Aside from diet, the exercise is the next most beneficial route to weight loss – but it’s important to plan your workouts carefully. Sure, any exercise is better than no exercise, but there are some important tips and techniques that will allow you to achieve optimum results from your weight loss programme. That’s why it’s crucial to understand some of the nuances of weight loss exercise.

The tips that follow boast a proven track record of success.

SLIMMING EXERCISE SECRET #1: More elbow grease. If you’re not able to get to the gym, or engage in any traditional fitness activities due to a busy schedule, the next best thing you can do is introduce increased resistance to your daily activity. For instance, instead of taking the lift, you may prefer to climb the building via the stairs. Instead of parking near the shop you’re visiting, you can park further away and give yourself a little walk. If you’re doing house or garden chores, you can progress at a faster pace to burn more calories.

SLIMMING EXERCISE SECRET #2: Engage in regular exercise. To get real benefits from your slimming plan, it’s important to keep up regular workouts – ideally three or more times a week. Some people exercise twice a week, then four times the following week, then once the following week – and they wonder why their weight-loss slows down. Every little bit of exercise matters, so stick with a regular, sustainable schedule each week.

SLIMMING EXERCISE SECRET #3: Refuse temptation. I have met many people who start exercising frequently, but quit when they begin cheating on their diet. They start thinking that, because they’re putting themselves through tough workouts, they can slack off on the eating bit. But the end result is, after cheating now and again, they start to see less results for the tedious exercise they’re carrying out week after week, and they eventually drop out of the program. So don’t short circuit the effort you expend in exercise by cheating.

SLIMMING EXERCISE SECRET #4: Fit your personality. Most people aren’t used to maintaining a regular exercise regime, and their efforts tend to be irregular and erratic. Once you make a commitment to embark on your weight loss exercise programme, you need to call on tremendous will power to keep it up. The question is – how can you sustain that intense will power if you’re doing exercise that doesn’t capture your imagination? The key is to engage in an exercise activity or sport that you like. It’s best that you look forward to your exercise, so you won’t be inclined to abort when the going gets tough.

SLIMMING EXERCISE SECRET #5: Cardio & strength train at first. In the beginning, it’s often advisable to pursue an exercise program that blends aerobic and weight training exercises. This type of exercise programme works extra calories and helps you increase your muscle to fat ratio which speeds up your metabolism – making it easier to shed weight and keep it off. Once you reach a certain weight loss level, and are able to keep the diet up, you may wish to move onto other exercises or sports activities that provide more entertainment.